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Unity Bridge

Constructed before the holocaust to connect two countries with greatly differring political agendas. Paid for by a consortium of private individuals acting on behalf of petitioners who believed the governments were not acting in the best interest of public good. Its completed span was hotly guarded by nationalist troops until overwhelmed in riots from both sides. Shortly afterwards the governments of both contries collapsed, plunging the area into anarchy. Charismatic leaders emerged which were quickly disposed of by loyalist operatives. This led to widespread revolt and the disafectation of most of the military of both countries.   With their economies in shambles, neighboring countries began to feel their own economies beginning to fail. With public unrest on the rise in the wake of uncertainty, xenophobic doomsayer cults were quick to take advantage. This did not persist for long. People found the racist propaganda difficult to accept.   The social kickback not only silenced the doomsayers but led to a pan-specist council with members from all the involved countries. The council called for complete transparency in the former governments' affairs and led aggressive investigations. These led to former officials being convicted of crimes against pan-humanity. Many thousands, nearly all those in positions of power, were sentenced to the gulag of their own creation.   The first joint venture was the restoration of the Unity Bridge. On completion the people of the two countries formally declared to be one country. The bridge was proclaimed to be an Aggression Free Zone, complete with volunteers to patrol it. It became a place to resolve differences or flee to for sanctuary.   Despite it's strategic importance, Unity Bridge was thought to be too sacred to damage during the holocaust. Instead of destructive explosives, waves of plague swept the area. As the population dwindled, resistant individuals wandered streets lined with the dead, crazed and raving in madness.   Post-collapse, Unity Bridge is still a legend and a part of vernacular whenever words are needed for non-violent discourse. Among the more learned there are many metaphors in use to describe the process of conflict resolution that use the history of Unity Bridge.

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