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The Juxtalen

The Juxtalen arose from the survivors of the holocaust. Crammed into shelters that were only built out of public pressure by lowest bidders and fraudulently certified. While the officials and others deemed too vaulable to lose sheltered in comparative luxury, the bulk of the public either died outright or slowly starved or suffocated. Many were the hard choices that had to be made, to either cram more people into a shelter and overwhelm it, or know there were people dying outside. Whether to aggressively ration resources or take chances opening the shelter too early. The betrayal of the governments and other persons of power resulted in a deep and unabiding resentment.   The living situations the Juxtalen were forced to endure where those of privation, overcrowding and cramped spaces. Initial conflicts were bloody until a new resolve swept through. The Juxtalen became hyper-social and living shoulder to shoulder in dense groups became to be considered the ultimate way to live. Juxtalen develop complex and far-reaching social connections. This has become so ingrained that without the near constant peripersonal contact they often experience some anxiety. From centuries below ground, there are still some generations that are highly uncomfortable with seeing the sky or being in open spaces.   Although the Juxtalen have regressed technologically, genetically they have not. Being forced to adapt without the crutch of that technology and being exposed to the lingering products of degrading war-time weapons they have changed. Now walking stooped because of low cielings and with a compact posture from living in dense numbers. Most have fine, long body hair, particularly on outer skin surfaces such as shoulders, the outside of arms and legs. Preventing sunscorch and even almost like cat's whiskers when with others to help feel their way through crowds.   Because of the pre-holocaust deceit which resulted in the death of more than two thirds of the population Juxtalen carry a deep resentment. In particular when they survived relatively intact. This can easily boil over into a frothing fury. They believe in a policy of retribution against those that are responsible, going so far as to hunt them at times. Especially if they should be found looting relics.   Clans of Juxtalen tend to congregate around the ruins of pre-holocaust megacities. They rarely enter them, considering them a holy ground, in memorial of those that were wrongfully slain in a war not of their choosing, and in memory of the suffering they endured. They deal with raiders and looters of relics from the ruins vigorously and harshly. Regular patrols are sent out, titanic wheeled carriers with hundreds of Juxtalen warriors ready to swarm anything they find. It is a common practice to offer those they find a duel to the death when they find children with those they are attacking. After slaying the leaders of the group they will take the children back to the caverns with them to raise in their society.   It is considered to be one of the rites of passage for Juxtalen to command a carrier, prove their honor and earn the respect of it's crew. While Juxtalen will not go into their own local ruin for salvage, they do not have such a compulsion against raiding another ruin. Some clans engage in a counting coup, tit-for-tat with these raids.   Juxtalen have a council of elders which guides their people and writes the chonicles of their lives.

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