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Tucked between the hill country and mountains this settlement ekes out an existance by avoiding the machinations of its more aggressive neighbors. Far enough away to make it impractical for militaristic posturing, Rivebed is largely on its own. For sure petulant missives find their way to the governor who places them securely in a circular file cabinet embossed with a number sure to make triskaidekaphobics twitch.   The people of Rivebed concern themselves with average post-apocalyptic life. The search for sustenance, spare parts and not getting eaten by the roving packs of carnivores takes high priority. Fortunately for them, the surrounding terrain lessens the impact of sand storms. The hills and mountains have yielded to the discovery of minerals which in turn has begun to change the culture from scavenger to prospector. Several pre-collapse caches have also been discovered including an abandoned shelter.   Partially due to it's distance from Juxtalen protected ruins, predation by said Juxtalen is nearly non-existant. Rivebed scavengers have plenty of more convienient options. Word has it that the last inquistive explorers that left the valley had what should be described as a "favorable" encounter with a Juxtalen carrier. They returned with an envoy and entourage who spent several days in closed door discussion with the governor and his advisors.   Several attempts on the lives of the Juxtalen and the Governor were made by operatives of the Sisters of Purity. The Juxtalen were unfazed by such events, being prepared to contend with both the Amerite xenophobia and their own. The talks broke down when one of the envoy's advisors felt the Governor wasn't showing proper respect, challenged him to a duel and when he refused, struck and wounded him. The envoy exiled his own advisor on the spot and left him stranded in Rivebed. An uneasy truce between the Amerites of Rivebed and the Juxtalen now lies on the area.

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