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Confederated Domain of Focousalia

Originally two Autocratic and antagonistic countries separated by a canyon, the CDF as a long history of strife. Long before the holocaust the countries of Focouland and Nebreisalia were bitter foes in regional trade and policy. The governements pitted against each other in ever desparate attempts to out-do and over shadow the other. Decades of conflict came to a head when citezen groups created a new initiative. Fed up with what they felt was the petty bickering of a handful of overly wealthy, self important bureaucrats, a private firm began to accept funds. These funds were to be used to debunk the propaganda spouted by the newsmedia in the pay of government officials and create ways to increase citezen to citezen interaction between the countries. One of those projects became the Unity Bridge. Because the engineers knew the governments would not allow it to be built, the materials were accumulated, and large sections fabricated in advance. Shell corporations were established in warehousing near the edges of the canyon where the bridge was to be built. Then, in a feverish display of coordination the bridge sprang into being nearly overnight.   Both governements tried to seize total control of the bridge once they became aware of it and were able to respond, but large numbers of citezens of both countries had already freely mingled on the bridge. People who had only corresponded through clandestine media channels met in person for the first time. The government clamp-down of the bridge was generally unsucessful and the propaganda was failing. It was the beginning of the end.   After the fall of both the original governments destabilized the economy of the region, a council was created consisting of members of both countries. Over a brunch of ethic foods a charter was written and the Confederated Domain of Focousalia was created. Unity Bridge was declared historically important and remained a protected place to resolve grieviances non-violently.   In the wake of the short conflict the CDF became known for innovation in medicine and electronic miniaturization. The first true cybernetic prosthetics were grafted to recipients in need at its hospitals. Holo-phones had begun to enter the media market and full sensory suites were in testing offering a "like life only lived" experience.   During the holocaust few areas were spared the widespread destruction. The area around the Unity Bridge in the CDF was one of them. The surrounding metropolitan area was fumed with aggressive biological agents which killed by the thousand, but did not damage the structures directly. These biologicals spread quickly and when they reached the radiated areas, the survivors there came to understand true horror. While thier radsuits protected them from the short sorties into the outer world, the biologicals would not be hindered during the decon process on re-entry into the habitats.   As a result, the CDF, while not wholly spared from bombardment, is also a completely depopulated area. Eerily quiet except for the wind coming through the avenues of intact buildings and through the rigging of Unity bridge. The remainder of the country is blasted ruin slowly being swallowed and regurgitated by the paristaltic dunes.

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