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Favored by the Remtelen, these bipedal creatures are a product of patient animal husbandry. Hairy feathers serve to protect them from the blaze of the sun while broad, densely feathered four toed feet keep them from sinking in the sand. Long legs make easy work of covering long distances and a long neck lets them reach into places where food or water might be. A prehensile tongue can reach into the tiniest spaces for whatever can be found and powerful jaws can grind through the tough carapaces of the creatures or vegetation they find.   Slow growing and long lived, it is not uncommon for those that raise Osramel to only have a dozen litters over their lifetime. When osramel mate, they remain together until the young is able to fend for itself. They give birth to usually just one which will be featherless, but able to walk right after being born. It will not stray from it's parents' sides, remaining in their shadows for shelter unti its feathers grow in. The parents take turns searching for food and water which they eat and reguritate into the mouth of their young.   This low birthrate also makes them very efficient with resources. Unless pressed hard they eat and drink very little and can go for prolonged periods with nothing. Despite their size they comfortably subsist on mere ounces of water and food. This makes them ideal mounts for travel in harsh environments.   The bulbous body will support a rider without need of a saddle though using one makes it easier to lash gear and suppies to the Osramel. Bitless bridles are the norm and are often decorated in ways unique to the owner of the tack and Osramel.   Agitated osramel may lash out with a kick, piercing and raking an attacker with powerful leg muscles and curved talons. They prefer to surprise an attacker, knock them down and pounce on top, continually raking them into ribbons. They can grasp objects with their toes, and hop along on the opposite leg.

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