On The Road Again

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Bloheron

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On The Road Again is a text based-remote play game for the Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game. It takes place on Discord and is intended to serve players who have surviving characters. Whether through near TPK or groups which have broken up, campaigns with unsatisfying endings or just a story that they want to tell.   On The Road Again opens with the character discovering a road in a wilderness setting. Approaching the character is a large gypsy wagon festooned with all manner of adventuring gear. The wagon master stops and offers aid in the form of transportation to the nearest civilized area in reasonable safety with the promise of food and recuperation. On retiring to the interior of the wagon the character finds themselves in a large closet surrounded by the outer garments of myriad, far flung fashions. Through a door in the far wall comes voices and the clink and rattle of a tavern. The door from whence they came, indistinguishible from the wall. When characters are finished exploring the entirely homebrewed setting they can leave by any number of discoverable portals.

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