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Nice living here. Work okay. Pay is good. Can help my brother, study in the upper city.
- Gunar Tu'nak, Orc from Corékor working in the lower city of Padaccia.
Padaccia is an industrial town in Ethoressi sitting directly at the river Coppanias at the feet of the hills Troll's Knuckles. It is the largest town on this river and sits basically at the eastern end of the rural and peaceful Coppania Valley. Some say, crossing the Troll's Knuckles makes the visitor enter a completely different world. The large industrial infrastructure had led to a large migration of workers, including Orcs and Dwarfs into the region.

The Town of Eternal Daylight

The city is famous for its production of novelty and high yield Daylight Crystallamps as they were introduced at the Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic in Zumaton in 1684 AR. The rising interest in these lamps led to an increased production in this city. The huge abundancy of the lamps in this town leads to it never being dark, even at night - thus earning it the nickname "Town of Eternal Daylight"
Since the main ingredient of the Dayllight Crystallamps is Grinna Amber, the close proximity to the Coppania Valley where those crystals are abundant, favored the developement of the former small trading town into an industrial hub.

Industrial Marvels

Aside from the industrial complex in the city, there are further remarkable features in Padaccia. The Troll's Knuckles are crowned by large windmills, whose energy is used to pump large quantities of water out of the lower city for use in many production processes.
Furthermore, there is the large dam across the city, completely diverting the Coppanias to take an eastern route instead of the southern route through the valley - where today the lower city of Padaccia with its huge industrial complex lies. Over the centuries, huge amounts of Grinna Amber have been washed up here, ready for the production of the Crystallamps to take advantage of.
Why should the city ever sleep anyway, when there is work to be done?

Story Hooks

A local engineer of the lower city is worried that there might be some stability issues with the dam. Unfortunately, the council refuses to fund him an expedition team and he searches for help.
Petty theft and burglary are on the rise in the town and especially the merchants in the upper city complain about the danger and losses. They hope someone can convince the criminal's leaders to stop their activities.
Hard work and hunger do not mix well in the lower city. Unfortunately, a recent food shipment from Conassa has been delayed by tax officials in the upper city for several days now and unrest is starting to spread.
An inventor believes to have found a more efficient way to produce the gas for the Crystallamps in huge quantities. He just needs some help figuring some minor kinks in the process, like violent explosions of whole buildings.

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First of all, great choice of soundtrack! Second, "Why should the city ever sleep anyway, when there is work to be done?" - this is me, it hit close to home.   In all seriousness, I really like this! Steampunk and similar aesthetics have a special place in my heart, and I'm sure I'd love to play in a city like this, specially with the Crystallamps. I really like it that you included story hooks as well! Who can resist a side quest involving inventors, huh?   Great job!

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Wow! This article manages to convey the industrial theme so damn well! I really love the mix of music, specific goods that this city produces and the story hooks too! I’ll get into what I liked about this first before critiquing it . First of all, the story hooks were just simply amazing! I think that’s what livened this article most since it takes away the bland Wikipedia like feel of most of my own city articles XD. Secondly, you manage to convey most of the industrial aspects of this city really well! I really loved the part about the production of daylight crystalllamps. It’s just such a cool and amazing concept! I’d really love a video game of this and just explore the city. It sounds like an adventurers paradise! 3) Last but not least, the music is amazing too! It helps set the mood for this article in a very good way! I’d suggest moving it into the very top though as it would be best if the reader reads the article with the music on. Now coming to the critique part! I’m writing all of this in a hurry so I apologise profusely if the feedback is bland or feels robotic.   1) Firstly, what is life like for the common folk and higher classes here? What do they do everyday for a living?   2) Who carries out the law enforcement duties Of the city? What resources do they have at hand?   3) How does the administration of this city work?   4) How does the city defend itself against hostile threats? Or are there none?   5) What are some of the diplomatic relations of this city? What does it import in? Don’t get me wrong! I really loved reading this article! It was so tranquil and peaceful, It surely is an adventurers garden of Eden! Congrats verti and keep up the amazing work!