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Coppania Valley

This is easily the most peaceful region in all of the Ethoressian Lands, maybe even of the whole Continent! You wanna know why? No politics, no religion, no magic, no technological nonsense. Only a lot of Cambovines and barely a handful of people!
Almost exactly in the very center of Ethoressi, following the flow of the Coppanias up until the town of Padaccia, at the hills called Troll's Knuckles. The valley is known for its rich vegetation and peaceful fauna. It is here where the Cambovine can be found grazing in large herds, almost undisturbed by humans.
Coppania Valley has to be the region in Ethoressi with the most abundant Flora and Fauna - here you can find species like the tiny Glowcidae, small insects that glow in the dark or the imposing Hakkanas, sturdy, furry animals with big tusks and a long and thick neck. It is also rumored some of the last Ethorian Wildcats live in the region, a fact that has started to attract hunters on the search for an exclusive trophy.
The western beginning of the valley located at the edge of Lake Cosania is certainly spectacular. Every day at noon, where the Lake flows out to the Coppanias, a large fountain will explode and gush almost twenty meters into the air. The Giant's Fountain is magically reliable and always a sight to behold. Due to the large quantities of water flowing through the area, the valley is rather marshy and difficult to develop. Only a few hamlets are along the river, living off herding Cambovines and gathering the medicinal flower Renseng or the glowing Grinna Amber.

The starry nights of Coppania Valley

But at night, it is where I see the truest beauty of these lands. When the darkness falls and the firmament of stars glitters over us, the valley itself starts to shimmer as if in response. The Glowcidae sparkle throughout the lush fields of grass and reeds, as if they want to dance with the stars above. Everything slows down, peacefully, as the lands, the water, the flowers, they all begin to glimmer and glow as does so much in this area.
Then, suddenly, a gust of wind will come up and all these glowing stars of the earth will rise up together as one and draw a trace across the sky. This is the most at peace, I had been my whole life, before I heard of the news - I wish it could have been forever.
From the personal writings of Countess an Thanicce
Written some time shortly after her appointment as leader of the noble houses.

Story Hooks

The villagers of Shariron are worried that a week ago the usually very reliable Giant's Fountain had suddenly stopped spouting water for a while. Being dependent on the water for their crops, they hope someone would investigate.
A Cambovine herder in Horacio's Veil fears a mean Blackwolve is killing his stock. Nobody believes a mystical creature to be hunting after his stock though, and the herder is getting desperate for help.
The hamlet of Kinear is rumored to have caves below it that stretch all the way to the Ethorian Sea. Due to them being mostly flooded however, everybody is cautioned against venturing inside. But lately, some kids have gone missing and they have last been seen close to the caves' entrance.
An upcoming festival calls for decoration all over the hamlet of West Cuilas. Every building is adorned with purplish-red Renseng flowers and the festivities are about to begin. A wandering trader however realizes the immense value of the decoration and wants to seize this opportunity to make a fortune.
If you ever want to feel peaceful and connected with the nature the god's left us - come to the Coppania Valley. If you are easily bored however - don't.

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