Certainly, the most peaceful and tranquil creatures one could ever meet, those Cambovines. All they care about is moving towards the next green pasture. But please, do not try to enrage them. And if you do - do not stand in their way. Or in the way of the rest of the herd.
Cambovines are bovine creatures that can be found primarily in the Coppania Valley in Ethoressi. They are very resillient and adaptable, however and herds have migrated as far as Keandra in the east and even crossed Apac's Foothills into Baradolia to the west. They are therefore a common sight in all over Ethoressi.
Other than their close brethren, the Barrossina, they give no milk fit for high-quality cheese, mostly due to their preferred diet of very bitter or sour-tasting herbs. Regardless of this their meat and fur are both of high quality and much sought after. Their diet of wild weeds also makes them easy to supply with food and they are usually a welcome addition to the livestock of most farmers.
They are also well suited to carry heavy weights and have been employed as such in the past centuries. With the development of more advanced industry, they are used as an efficient way to move and power machinery and pulling heavy loads out of the mines and quarries.
Cambovines are known to be very patient and tranquil. However, when threatening their young, constantly hurting them, or trying to confine them within too little space, the Cambovines are using their massive weight to waltz all threats and objectives into the ground.


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