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Led by the Holy Emperor, Keandra was build on the foundation of faith and devotion to the gods. Based on these principles and led by a remarkibly consistent line of able emperors, Keandra developed a high cultural and technological standard.

While all of their achievements are seen as being supported and driven by their organized religion, science is usually not surpressed.

The day-to-day life is highly organized and the buerocratic apparatus is suprisingly large. Military personell and civil servants are highly valued.

Even though magical tools and magical artifacts are geniunley enjoyed as toys and accessoires, magic users and magocraftsmen are frowned upon, open usage of magic is a taboo and the average citizen neither knows nor cares how their nifty magical gadgets are created.

The military is in such a high regard and the citizens are so sure of their emperor and their way of life, that the enthusiasticly supported several terretorial wars in the past,especially against the barabaric tribes of Orcs in the eastern mountains and the wild nomadic Clans of Thiem in the deserts to the south.
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