Bargzik is a province of the Rhomedan Empire, situated southeast of the capital Keronigrad and is one of only two provinces of the empire with a shared border with the nation of Keandra.
The western border to Tarivik is defined by the river Korvlau up to the joining of the Korvlau with the river Redalau. This river, together with the Meslau defines the southern border to Mestozik. The province has most of it's southeastern border to Keandra defined by Gazezu's Ridges though the exact definition of the border within the Zwarsenforst is disputed. To the north both the provice Goluzik and the vasal Friadan have similar unclearly defined borders with Bargzik.
Bargzik's geographical position with several wide plains, moderate temperatures, and a regular rainfall influenced heavy the growth of widespread agriculture. Additionally, there are several renowned magical academies within the province, that have an unusual focus on Agrimancy. Currently, Bargzik is able to support most of the empire with food alone and the development of other industries fell a bit short so far.
The Bargzik Barikons, the provincial class of former feudal landlords still have a strong presence and influence in the Halian Congress. Often they leverage their perceived sole supply of the rest of the empire during negotiations. As such, they see loyalty more of a pragmatic necessity and neither a result of religion or the absolute power of the Iron Emperor. This provincial pride is mirrored in the general population.
In spite of that, the average population is highly devout and follows the dogmata of the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might to the letter. This hinders both a coup by the Barikons but also reduces the influence of the southern unrest of the worker class. Most of the population apathetically see this as a movement that simply does not concern them.
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