Flusczik is a southern province of the Rhomedan Empire situated between the mountain ranges Maned's Scepter and Gazezu's Ridges.
Flusczik's eastern border is well defined by Gazezu's Ridges, however the western territory does not completely or at least not undisputedly reach the mountains, but stops at the Korvlau. Beyond here, the vassals Haridan and Ionodan claim all lands to themselves. The northern border, as defined by the Korvlau is shared with the province Tarivik while the southern border, defined by the smaller stream Frinlau is shared with the southern-most province Randezik.
  The province has a lot of plains and a generally moderate climate, making it highly suitable for both farmland and livestock, like the Fluscian Krava. In recent years, however, several larger industrial complexes start to develop along the Korvlau, resulting in a new and different way of herding livestock. Their enormous requirements in water, Stonecoal for energy as well as Kinegems lead to a rapidly growing number of uneducated workers.  
The local government aims to have positive relations with the Iron Emperor, but cannot deny the growing unrest within their population. For now, the governor has decided to try to compensate the workers and offer them better treatment. Despite his efforts seen positively by most workers, some dissidents are still unsatisfied and edged on by the growing unrest in Randezik. However, these measurements can be seen as a factor as to why the unrest has not yet spread further north.
The Rhomean Church of Apac's Might on the other hand does not help in this situation. Enraged by the supposed mistreatment of clergy in the south, they are aggressive and distrustful to most workers. As a consequence, some of the unrest's hostility is aimed at the institutions of the church. In the past months, most clergy has retreated into the local monasteries and even abandoned most temples in smaller locations. This overall situation led to a clear break with the local government.

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