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The Rhomedan Empire is in territory the largest human empire in Skeigham. SItuated between the mountain ranges of Maned's Scepter. Gazezu's Ridges, and Vitukua's Spark and with large access to the Calwates Sea, it is easily defendable against most aggressions by for example the Kingdoms of Sevelang or the Holdy Domain Keandra.
Being Directly south of Ederos it provides many transitional traderoutes from this country.
Due to a growing number of industrial complexes, the society within RHomedan starts shifting significantly. The growing number of mostly uneducated and underpaid workers especially in the southern provinces of Flusczik and Randezik lead to significant unrest. Both the government led by the current Iron Emperor Caminian III with support of his Halian Congress as well as the clergy, represented by the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might try to quell the unrest with different approaches. So far neither negotiations, appeals to religious dogmata nor military intervention have been sucsessful.


  • Rhomedan
    The lands of the Rhomedan Empire and affiliated smaller nations belonging to it.
Geopolitical, Empire
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
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Early Days of the Empire

ca. 600AR till 1400AR

The first settlements started to grow in size, a political system formed and by the grace of the gods, the descendants of the legendary Hallian ruled and formed the kingdom.