And within their fortified walls, within all their hubris, sit the rich, the entitled, the greedy atop of all the people enslaved by their hunger for more! Built, in their ignorance, upon ruins of old they forced the hills around this place to bend to their will. How can an honest man stand for this enslavement of men and nature?
Unknown Contributor
Excerpt from To My Fellow Men!
Forbidden Copy stored within the Library of Rashan'Kan
Keronigrad is the capital of Rhomedan, sitting at the end of the eastern arm of the Iron Ridge and at the source of the river Korvlau. It is comprised of several smaller walled cities that have grown together into one over the centuries.
Since the existence of the Empire, Keronigrad was the impressive seat of the Iron Emperor, his family and in later centuries of the Halian Congress. It was founded here on the ruins of an unknown civilization, incorporating their grandiose architecture and their extensive tunnel system under most of the Corvstin Hills.
Surrounded by many outlying farms, the central part of the cities is completely walled. Within, most houses are of a fortified and good quality. While craftsmen and merchants may have their shops within the city, most common folk has to live outside among the fields and industry.


Keronigrad was founded at around 720 AR by the first Emperor Rhomani I. as both a defensible position and a prestige project to represent himself and the new nation. When they arrived at the source of the Korvlau, they encountered the remnants of sprawling ruins, with only the rest of the walls standing.
The early Rhomean used this as an effective defense against attacks from enemy groups. They expanded upon the ruins and modeled their city after it. Over the course of the following years, several smaller cities in the direct vicinity emerged.
During the Hillwars in 980 AR til 982, these cities fought against each other for the dominance over the empire. After emerging victorious, the smaller cities became official part of Keronigrad, albeit with their own walls.
In recent years, the city remains important as the central seat of the government of Rhomedan. Due to a recent edict, the central banks have to work from the capital to be counted legitimate, ensuring that most trade within the country has to be processed in some form in the capital.

Current Issues

Due to recent unrest, entrance to the city has been restricted. Common folk crowds the gates as only those with a working permit may enter.

The second son to Emperor Caminian III has caused a stir as he has announced to leave the city to the regions in unrest.

Some local bakers worry about the quality of their products since a nearby Factorum seems to affect the grain.

A local Sholarus Magicae is searching for his assistant. He was last seen near some ruined catacombs just outside the city's walls.

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Alternative Name(s)
Keronnig, Kronigsgrad
Large city
ca. 980,000
Inhabitant Demonym

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