Library of Rashan'Kan

"It will not be very far anymore, little man." answered the Orc his question. Buredal snorted, but kept his mouth shut - he learned that these Orcs are not witty enough for a good dwarven comeback. But Larrnesh was obviously mocking him with the litte man comment. It is not unusual that Elves, Humans and Orcs struggle to use the word Getwerk to reference his people and opt to use some derogatory term, but this Orc surprisingly spoke a fluent Twergen dialect.   "See, there it is. We have almost reached your destination!" The comment of Larrnesh interrupted Buredals train of thoughts and eager to finally see the famous library of Rashan'Kan he looked up - and stared at the same wall of rock he was able to see kilometers ago over any dune they crossed, with the top of some tents in front of it. For a moment, he was dissapointed. "Do you take me for a fool? There is just a few pieces of cloth you Orcs call a home, and nothing else!"   The Orc let out a disapproving and impatient sigh. "It is well you seek the library, little man. You have still lots to learn about perspective." With that comment he marched on. Buredal stomped behind him, growing more frustrated every step, behind him followed his two assistants.   It took them another twenty minutes to reach the wall, but the closer they got, the more Buredal started to realize that he judged the wall of rock too early - he could now properly see the many openings in the wall, reminding of little windows. The tents where obstructing the view to the largest opening, an obvious entrance to whatever was inside this monumental wall of rock.   Edging closer to the entrance, he saw several hints of old pillars carved in the granite, framing the entrance that was way higher then ten meters. From the inside several lights shone and a steady stream of people, mostly Orcs of every age, walk in and out of the portal.   Once under the Archway, Buredal forgot about the heat and hs tired feet immediately - his eyes opened wide he marvelled at the giant stone doors with copper and gold inlays, forming symbols of all written languages he ever saw - and several he never had seen in his life. In ancient dwarfen words he could see a welcoming written on the door: "Enter. Learn. Understand. Leave this place a bigger man then you are now."   And while Buredal entered the giant, unbelievable tall hall, the walls circled by uncountable galeries behind which he saw scrolls, books, pergaments, clay inscriptions, glicening in magical lights....   He understood, why Larrnesh called him a little man - because he had not yet experienced the greatness of this library.  

The great library of Rashan'Kan

  Located in the land of the Orcs, the library is and always has been the greatest collection of scriptures, texts and artifacts even before the Ruling of Coexistence.   To the Orcs this is a sacred place, full of tradition and wisdom and they deem it most valuable for every visitor to learn whatever they desire - with few exceptions. They still collect wisdom and maintain the library and many Orcs, especially the shamans of this land have to study here and learn reading and writing.
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