The beautiful Korvlau, the lifeblood of my nation! Springing from the crown jewel of Rhomedan, meandering beautifully through the country. You give life, you inspire beauty, you show us the way. When watching you, one can see the god's work on the great land that is Rhomedan.
Excerpt from Wandering the Green Road
In Poems of Rhomedan
stored in the Library of Rashan'Kan
The Korvlau is the largest river within Rhomedan and one of the main travel routes through the southern regions of the empire. The river is deep enough for even heavily loaded ships to sail up almost within a hundred kilometers of Keronigrad. Here it famously quells out of the stones directly beneath the city.


Emanating from Keronigrad the Korvlau goes south, through the Colopcha plains. On the right side is the region Tarivik, and on the left side the region Bargzik between which the Korvlau essentially functions as a border.
In the forest Pellforst it joins with the smaller river Redalau, turning to the west. Up to this point, most ships can travel upwards from the sea. From here, flowing through the Iropcha plains, it joins with three smaller rivers, the Momanau, from the north and the Utrau and the Gatrau from the south-east. Again, the Korvlau acts as a border between Tarivik on the right side and Mestozik and the Republic of Konodan on the left side.
After passing through the Krinforst, the Korvlau joins with the large river Movtau from the north. Together as a big conjoined river, they turn to the south, separating the regions Flusczik and Randezik on the left from the vasall states Haridan , Ionodan and Jeledan to the right side.
During this section of its flow, it passes through both the plain Harpha with the Harrenforst to its left as well as through the Sworenwad and the plain Krugcha. Here, the rivers Harklau from the right, Frinlau to the left, and the Krivlau and Krevlau both from the right, join the Korvlau to add to its outstanding size. When first flowing through the Barenwalde, it passes over onto the kingdoms of Sevelang, where it eventually flows into the Feibucht

Current Issues

Local farmer in smaller villages along the river complain about the reduced water quality. They want to send envoys to file an official complaint.
A group of river pirates is hunting for bounty. Among them someone searches for the remnants of an old ship.
A ferryman is refusing people to use his ferry. He believes a rivermonster will appear and drown them all.
The Ministry for Public Safety is yet again warning people against swimming in the river. There may be dangerous wildlife.
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