Mestozik is a province of the Rhomedan Empire, situated rather centrally within the empire, south of the capital Keronigrad.
The border to Bargzik in the north is defined by the river Redalau and the Meslau, while the border to Tarivik is completely defined by the river Korvlau. To the south, across the river Jitlau borders the vasall state Konodan. Mestozik to the east is completely bordered by the mountain range Gazezu's Ridges.
Mestozik is the smallest province of the empire and most of the eastern part is covered by the Isgrimforst, while the western part is covered in hills that fall off to one side in several sharp cliffs. It is on these hills however, where the grapes for the famous Red Mistozik are grown.
The province always had a good and stable relationship with the Iron Emperor in Keronigrad. They still profit from several economical advantages granted to them by the former Emperor Ularis II. As a result they tend to side with the government to protect these privileges at all costs.
These economic advantages only benefit the already rich merchant class and the Barikons, however. The growing industrialization of the wine and some textile production is leading to a growing and more empoverished working class compared to the north. Therefore, the population is certainly receptive for the voices of revolution originating in Randezik.
The influence of the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might has never been great within Mestozik. Howere, there is one large temple of the six at the border of the Isgrimforst, said to be of the time where the six gods still walked the earth. It is unknown, what the exact purpose of the Gretagry Temple is, remains largely unknown.

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