Goluzik is a province of the Rhomedan empire, situated northeast of the capital Keronigrad and one of the most eastern provinces of the empire.
Like most of the northern provinces, Goluzik has access to the Calwates Sea to its north-west, albeit a much shorter coast compared to Ornoszik or Sivizik, its neighbouring provinces to the west and north. To the east of Goluzik lay the vassal states Ekoridan and Friadan, to the south the province Bargzik.
Unlike other provinces, Goluzik has less clearly defined borders by natural elements, like rivers or mountain ranges. The territories close to Ornoszik and Bargzik are regularly disputed and proudly defended by their inhabitants. As a result, the population has a more prominent tradition of serving in the militia and an unusually high percentage is Reservates for the Copper Militia.
The above average requirement for military equipment has kickstarted the growth of several local industries, namely a more efficient production of woven cloth and textiles as well as the production of novelty, non-magical firearms. The only influence stumping this growth is the dependence of raw materials from other provinces and areas: Cotton from Flusczik and the neighbouring nation Keandra as well as Iron out of Tarivik and Tarodan.
Unsurprisingly, the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might with its more militant factions is heavily present here. The general mood towards church and empire is solemnly loyalist with a hint of fundamentalism.
As such, most of the population has no sympathy for the brewing rebellion in the south, despite some covert efforts from the current local government to focus some energy against the Iron Emperor.

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