Ornoszik is a province of the Rhomedan Empire, situated north of the capital Keronigrad.
Like most of the northern provinces, Ornoszik has access to the Calwates Sea to its north. It borders on the province Goluzik in the east and the vassals Kuridan and Diczedan to the west.
Ornoszik is covered in large parts by dense forests, enabling a lively wood industry as well as a deep-seated culture in hunting. Several small streams flow through the Poschforst, most of them too small to travel by anything other than a small boat. The development of the new industries is a bit slower compared to other regions, due to the lack of investors.
Although rather large in territory, the population in Ornoszik is rather low. The most population can be found to the north at the coast, along the biggest river, the Provau and along the main road towards Keronigrad.
The Rhomean Church of Apac's Might is heavily present in this province, having at least a shrine in most villages. Other chapters of the church are less represented.
The current government is contempt with the influence of the church in Keronigrad, as are most of the merchants and the clergy. The general population seems to be content, the unrest in the south has not yet taken hold within the population.

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