Tarivik is a province of the Rhomedan Empire, situated directly south west of the capital Keronigrad.
Tarivik is borderd by the mountains of Maned's Scepter and the Iron Ridge in the north and west. Only in a small corner in the north west it has a short border to the vassal state Tarodan in the almost inaccessible hill region. To the south and east, the rivers Movtau and Korvlau form natural borders to the neighbouring provinces Bargzik, Mestozik, and Flusczik as well as the vassal states Haridan and Konodan.
A big part of Tarivik is covered by the Krinforst,which is rich in both Iron and Stonecoal deposits. Together with significant deposits in the Iron Ridge, Tarivik has always been a center of industry. In the current technological shift, huge undertakings are to be done to clear more forest for excavation of the rich treasures of the soil, much to the detriment of a remnant druidic people still living autonomously within these forests.
During the Hillwars, Tarivik was one of the fiercest loyalists towards Keronigrad. Within the population, many tales are told about how heroic Tarivik knights have saved troops from the capital and the province is clearly very proud of this image. They see these tales as proof for the wise teachings of the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might and many rules and doctrines of the church are followed to the latter in the court system as well. As a result, the clergy has a significant influence over the daily life, but has struggles to oppose decisions of the government, if they do not want to risk their influence.
Even though the industry is developing heavily in this province, the growing worker class is not showing signs of unrest. The general moral is high, thanks to several helpful missions by the church to relieve the hunger and poverty in the cities.

Official State Religion
Rhomean Church of Apac's Might
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations

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