Sivizik is a province of the Rhomedan Empire, situated at the very northern end of the empire.
Sivizik's borders are well defined by the mountain range Vitukua's Spark in the north forms the border to Ederos, the Calwates Sea to the west, and the river Blaakwas is the border to both Goluzik and Ekoridan to the south. The eastern border to Laraethien is rather vaguely defined but a common understanding with the Legari elves defines a not insignifcant portion of the western Ethien Forest as belonging to neither Rhomedan nor Laraethien.
Although the climate is significantly colder than in other provinces, Vitukua's Spark protects the lands from most of the harsh northern winds. Traveling into the Ethien Forest however, will lead you to an area frozen almost all year round.
Being in close proximity to Ederos, the Dinitur dwarves and the Larani elves, several cities have a significant share of both dwarves and elves living and trading in the province. Although not in control of the large, Dinitur-controlled Aluminium deposits in the mountains, Sivizik gains a good portion through the trade with these three groups.
Influenced by both dwarves and elves, the influence of the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might is comparatively small in this region, although still accepted as the state religion. Most common folk turns to Maned or Vitukua in localized churches.
As such, the legitimation of the Iron Emperor is not deeply routed into the belief of the population. They are not actively opposed to the government, but their loyalty is weak, at best. The southern unrest has not yet actively influenced most of the population, but some more educated people start to discuss the merits of some ideas that have been published in works like To My Fellow Men!.

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