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Ethien Forest

The Ethien Forest is the southern one of the two big forests covering El-Ethien, but it is one that is almost all year frozen and covered in snow.[b Enclosed by high mountains with Vitukua's Spark to the west and the south to the northeast by the Golden Mountains and Black Mountains, both part of Sabes' Shield, the icy winds from those mountain peaks usually drift through this forest as well.
Two huge rivers split this forest nearly in half, with Dragon's Hair(location) coming from the Black Mountains and the Crystal Stream falling from the Golden Mountains at the marvelous Crystal Falls. Both rivers meet in the Mirror Âtum, a huge lake in the southern part of the Ethien Forest.
From this lake, the mighty Saphire Trail flows west into the Saphire Bay.
Being split in half by those rivers, the western part is known as the Dragon's Trail which is often broken up by a large number of ravines running through the woods. The Larani tell themselves that this was the training ground for young Dragons, learning to fight and use their magic, devestating the area around them in the process. Traversing this area is very difficult and most trading routes chose a way around this area.
The region east of the Dragon's Hair is called the Dragon's Steps, inhabited by the remnants of the Linari Elves. Here you find many plateaus escalating up into the mountains, with only occassional paths and ways between them. The sheer cliffs of the steps are unnaturaly smooth and can range from a heights simply one or two meters towalls around 30 to 50 meters tall.
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