Dragons are on of only three ancient race known in the world that have existed already when the gods came to the Ethorial lands and are still around. They are highly magical and have deep understanding of how the magic is interwoven with the world, but even of the dragons not every individual has ascended into godhood.   The common image of a dragon that most mortals have is not completely wrong - they do appear often as large, winged, reptilian beings capable of breathing fire. Dragons are highly adapt in changing the form and do so to travel faster, fight and accelerate diplomacy. But in their resting form dragons are usually much smaller and more anthorpomorphic as many would expect. They are still giants compared to even Orcs but are build more slender.   Their necks are considerably shorter, yte they can move their lizard like head rather freely. They are coverd with scales all over their body, the colors and patterns usually depicting their heritage and to a certain degree, rank.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Dragons usually do not dress themselves, a habit that would be highly inconvenient for a shape shifting species anyway.   But since they can control the pattern and color of their scales to a certain extent, these have been used to denote rank, family and not rarely personal style.

Common Taboos

Although it is very difficult for a dragon to manipulate his most prominent heriditary pattern features (like specific ridges or specific patterns in scales at certain places) in their resting form as well as their "big dragon form", it is highly frowned upon to even try to mask your heritage this way.   The dragons believe that the difficulty in doing so in those specific forms is a sign of it not being a valid bahaviour.