Mirror Âtum

"After weeks of travel trhough ever colder forests, climbing and avoiding ravine after ravine, our troup was completely exhausted. Our elven leader was showing no signs of tiredness however and kept urging us on, eager to see the woods of his people again.   After climbing what felt like the onethousandth steep hill, we found Uramôn simply standing on top of the hill, taking in the marvellous sight: Below us lied an enourms sparklng surface, mirroring perfectliy the heavens above it. It was, as if this lake was an entrance to the godly planes itself.   'The Mirror Âtum' Uramôn called it, fittingly. The Mirror of the Gods."   The largest lake in the north, Mirror Âtum belongs mostly to Laraethien, the mysterious elven nation of the Larani elves. It never freezes over, but seems to always have an unnaturally calm surface, always mirroring the Sky, giving it its name.   Although two large rivers flow into it and on out of it, their flow does not distrub the surface. The currents below the surface however, ae most dangerous and deadly to anybody who is insane enough to actually swim in these cold waters.   The lake is usually rich in a lot of schools of fish, and the elves living on the eastern bank of the lake live off of them by fishing them from small water-gliders.
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