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When most people think of exotic places, they imagine Rathram with its jungles and ancient ruins. Maybe the think of the deserts, where the clans of Thiem roam and you can meet the fabled Dschinns. Many even tell you of the warm islands around Bren, where each island has its own mystical places to explore. But I tell you, no region is as exotic and beautiful as the north, the region of El-Ethien.
- Fredson Tibwerson, Explorer
Not only is the nation of Ederos fascinating in itself, since they seem so reclusive, but you can find clans of elves there, that are so devout to their search for perfection and to their masters, the dragons, that they seem like out of our world. Even more so than most elves.
The Forests that cover most of El-Ethien seem magical, mysterious and are breathtaking.
All over the Larania Forest you can find beautiful clearings, magical and ancient trees, long forgotten relics of elves and dragons and even some hot springs.
The Ethien Forest is especially beautiful in the winter, sparkling in a thousand lights thanks to ice and magic. I have no trouble understanding, why the dragons chose this area as their home.
To the north and west, El-Ethien borders at the Ice Sea, but the coasts are usually steep, the sea is rough and never lies still. Several smaller but rocky islands are speckeled along the coast. Most notable is the island called the Ice Flame, to the very north, being situated right in the mouth of Dragon's Maw. Here, a mysterious tribe of reclusive Orcs is said to be living together with a clan of Dragonlings, but the island is usually surrounded by a deep mist and rough seas, combined with dangerous cliffs and rocks just below the surface.
To the southwest lies Saphire Bay , named after the rich amounts of these jewels having being found in the mountains of Vitukua's Spark(location).
To the south, some dwarven clans settled in those mountain ranges, achieving greatness in their works with the local gems as well as the rich depots of iron and zinc. The Border Town of Graustein profits from these trades as well, resulting in it being the biggest town this far in the north.
To the east, the northern part of Sabes' Shield forms a natural border for whole El-Ethien. It is here, in the Black Mountains, where the dragons are believed to have built a society of their own, regularly visited by Vitukua, their patron god.
To the feet of these mountains, deep within the ever frozen parts of the Ethien Forest the Dragon's Steps, the last remnants of the originally widely sprawling elven Larani have built their nation Laraethien, with breathtaking architecture in total harmony with their surroundings.


The terrain of El-Ethien consists mostly of high hills, cliffs and deep valleys, occassional highlands leave room for farmland or cattle.
Many small rivers flow through this region and nourish uncountable little seas all over.
El-Ethien is bordered in the south and east by high mountain ranges and in the north by Sea, having mostly steep cliffs and stoney beaches.

Fauna & Flora

Most of this region can be considered a fauna. The trees are mostly conifer, there is some rough and tall grass and few shrubbery.
Notable are the Sap Tree, as well as the Frostberry Bush, that both have a sirup as a byproduct that is nourishing and also easily fermentable.

Natural Resources

Considering most of El-Ethien is covered by forest, the export of wood is has always been one of the more worthwile industries over time.
To the south, the resources rich mountain ranges of Vitukua's Spark provide the region with a good supply of Metals and Gems.
In the north there are many sheep herders. The Edorasheeps are not only very generous with the wool they are giving, but it is known as to be one of the finer wools in the Ethorian Lands.
The elves have lately begun trading tools imbued with magic, fashioned out of stone, wood, iron and electrum. Additionally, they offer a big amount of items fashioned out of Gold, silver and platinum, metals that are prominent in the Dragon's Steps.
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