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Bun Daresh

So many flags! That was the first thing Kamanthet noticed everywhere. It was a sea of colorful fabric everywhere, of dwarven, orcen and elven banners from all over the world as well as banners from so many Kingdoms of Sevelang, Ethoressi and Rhomedan,many of which she was not able to recognize.
"Out of the way, Orc!" she barely heard over growing noise and she quickly jumped aside. A carriage spewing black smoke and making a noise like hundreds of Warriors at the same time rushed past her. It slipped and lurched around the many market's stands on the plaza, losing fruits from its cargo left and right. The colorful assortment of merchants, humans, dwarves, elves and even one other orc, casually evaded the threat of airborne apples and went on with their haggling.
"You are new here, right? I can tell," Kamanthet heard a voice somewhere besides her waist. An unusual dwarf beamed up to her. "Welcome to Bun Daresh, the greatest market in the world!"
Marvelous dwarven town, Central hub for diplomacy and ingenuity, Greatest Marketplace of the world. These are just some titles that are given to Bun Daresh by its citizens. with its essential position on the intersection of at least three important trade routes between four nations, this settlement has always been the central land locked trading hub of the Ethorial Lands.
Dwarven Ale, orcen magical jewelry, elven fabrics, the newest invention and precious obscurities - all year you will be able to acquire whatever you desire in Bun Daresh. For the right price and if you ask the right persons.


Most of the population, roughly 60%, is of dwarven descent, but this has been in decline, due to high numbers of migration from neighboring nations.
As a result, already 35% of the population are of human descent, mostly from Sevelang, Ethoressi, and Rhomedan, but also other human nations. Currently half of the human population lives in Bun Daresh in the second or third generation.
The remaining 5% are elven and orcen descent but elves rarely settle permanently in this city.

The City of Bun Daresh needs you!

You need a fullfilling vocation? An opportunity to work with the newest wonders of technology? A guaranteed living place provided for you and your spouse? A place away from unrest in your home?
Come join the Bun Daresh Workforce!
All immigration proceedings sped up upon signing five year contract with the Bun Daresh Workforce


As with most dwarven settlements, this city is governed by a council of citizens, elected every 5 years led by a Manedsmith. The Manedsmith is usually elected by the council for life - or retirement.
The council can be disbanded by both the Manedsmith or a unanimous decision of the local judges - as well as the national judiciary of Aliretar or a three-quarter vote by all eligible citizens of the city.
Bun Daresh is the only city of Aliretar with a mixed council. Any citizen of the town with at least three advocates and all of them living in the city permanently for at least a year can set themselves up for a vote. Only someone born in the city can be named Manedsmith though. So far there has not been a non-dwarven Manedsmith in Bun Daresh.


The Town is split into five districts, the market plaza, Malachite-quarter, Quartz-Quarter, Amethyst-Quarter, and Iron-Quarter. Towards each of the surrounding human nations leads a big gate each, together with a highly efficient customs complex. There exists a fourth, unofficial gate which leads through the caves below the volcano and is usually only used by smugglers and councilmembers.

Market Plaza

The very center of the town is the Market Plaza, a large open space surrounded by the three most remarkable buildings of old times, the Council's Hall to the northeast, the Cathedral of Sabes' Light to the northeast and the Cathedral of Lirini's Gift. All roads from the gates meet here and a daily market is held here. Spots for merchants to sell their goods are rented from the council and can be taken away if you lose reputation.

Malachite Quarter

The northern quarter with the Malachite-Gate leading to the Kingdoms of Sevelang is accordingly populated by humans of mostly Sevelang origin. Additionally, this quarter has the only elven population and most shops in this quarter focus on woodworking, selling farming produce and bookbinding.

Quartz Quarter

The southern quarter with the Quartz-Gate is technically the ethoressian quarter but houses many artists from all over the world. The shops here focus on creating art while using unusually high amounts of metals in the sculptures.

Amethyst Quarter

The eastern quarter being the rhomedanian quarter contains the Amethyst-Gate and the largest assortment of culinary craftsmen you could ever hope to find in any city. Serving mostly rhomedanian cuisine, there are also artisans from Corékor, offering interesting orcen dishes and just recently a tribesman of Rathram has opened a locale serving meals from his home.

The Iron Quarter and the Descent

The oldest part of the city is an extension of the underground structures of the dwarves. You will find most government buildings here as well as the best smitheries and forges over the mountains. Connected with the Great Dwarven Foundry by one of the dwarven's secret tracks, these forges can offer products made out of the best alloys the dwarves can offer.


The town of Bun Daresh is the largest overground settlement of Aliretar , situated on the very eastern edge of both the dwarven nation and the mountains of Maned's Crown. In fact, it sits directly within the Pirelli Cleft, that provides a passage from Ethoressi to the Lands of Sevelang. With Sevelang, Ethoressi and Rhomedan being directly adjacent to the outskirts of the town, Bun Daresh has quickly developed into a hub for trade, travel, and diplomatic missions.
The long quiet volcano Banaresh is an excellent source of clean, filtered water that emerges from several openings in the east. Many of the water reserves within a natural cistern inside the volcano flow as the river Whittent to the Ethorial Basin, offering a quick connection to the next port.
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