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Kingdoms of Sevelang

Sevelang is split apart in many, many, many kingdoms and baronies. The small states are mostly independet but feel connected to each other most of the time. Not in the least because of a common language, a common history and several family-connections between the ruling families of the various states. This also is a common reason for terretorial or border conflicts in a small scale, though. In the past there were several Kings - most notably King Theodor the Strict - that procclaimed themselves Greatkings or Imperator of Sevelang. But none of these eras lasted longer then the lifetime of the respective king.   Located next to the rivers and at the long coast are the bigger and more populated towns. Those have banded together to a very successful and influential trade communion, gaining a lot of riches. Sometimes those Townships suffer raids from ships from Barton, leading to the ports being heavily fortified.   The most part of the population lives in rural areas though, being farmfolk, hunters, craftsmen, usually being sworn to their regional leiges. In the northern and southern regions form Sevelang mountain ranges reach into the kingdoms, usually inhabitated by several dwarven clans. Sometimes there are conflicts with those clans concerning mining rights but for most parts, the relations are friendly.


Decntralized, aristocratical or monarchical systems per kingdom. Almost everywhere a feudal system is still in place, several lordships still brag about the amount of knights they can support. (Though a lot of those beggar-knights have neither land nor castle). Some kingdoms next to the Bay of Bernstein are close to a break to a Meriotracy, not in the least because of several new nobles from former merchant families.   Leadership of each kingdom has the title of a Varus (or Varuchess), directly below them are the dukes, the counts (in townships) or lords (in rural areas). A Dukes usually is leige to several townships, a count leads a single town a lord larger rural areas, usually including a medium sized stronghold.

Public Agenda

Since the kingdoms are not effectively united, there is no central foreign policy in place. Where one group of kingdoms are engaged in lively trade relations with Baradolia, others see Baradolia as a cheating and untrustworthy archenemy of the Nation of Sevelang.   In case of invasions though, unity is quickly achieved, quarrles but asied and the armies united - as efficient as it could be without a centralized leadership. Usually during those times successful generals-turned-imperator or other wanna be great kings emerge in high numbers.
Political, Federation
Controlled Territories
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