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Randezik is the southernmost province of the Rhomedan Empire. As the only province of the empire does it share borders with four foreign powers.
It borders the Holy domain of Keandra to the east behind the Blackschiefer Hills, the Kingdoms of Sevelang to the west, following the path of the Korvlau behind the Barenwalde. To the south lie both Aliretar in the mountians of Maned's Crown as well as Ethoressi directly behind it.
Because of this, Randezik has either been flourishing through trade or been torn apart by conflicts between those nations. In the past decades, trade was most present and the growing industry thrived. Not in the least through new technological advancements, combining Rhomedans stringent architectural finesse with mechanical concepts from the dwarves and the knowledge of foreign scholars. Randezik has a unique position to be the most advanced in terms of factories with a high output of goods in a short amount of time.
As a result, a lot of migration towards the industrial centers happened over the past ten years. Living quality in cities is falling and the workers who have to experience they are completely interchangeable start to grow restless. First smaller uprisings and conspirational gatherings have been quelled so far, both by force and by negotiations, but the unrest is spreading.
The Barikons of the province are getting impatient with the worker's unrest and demand from the Iron Emperor to intervene on their behalf. At the same time, they used the situation to pull power from the Rhomean Church of Apac's Might who they believe to have failed so far in quelling these conflicts.
Currently, the anger of the workers is directed both at the Barikons and the Clergy. However, rumors that he son of Caminian III himself is traveling to the south have sprung up recently. It is believed, the rebellious son is going to join the young rebellion.


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