After the collapse of the ancient nation of Ethoras (and the coinciding creation of the Ethorian Sea) the surviving people in the north organize themselves in a new nation - the first republic of the world, willing to no longer align themeselves with insane monarchs that challenge the gods. Became a center of invention and culture for the humans but clashes with a deeply routed religious belief of never again challenge the gods as their ancestors did.   In the wake of this, there has been an ever growing conflict between most churches and academics.
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  • 1675 AR

    Major Famine in Ethoressi
    Disaster / Destruction

    This event caused the death of thousands of people. Led to the construction of the Copperdam.

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    Ethoressian Lands
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  • 1682 AR

    Construction of the Copperdam
    Construction beginning/end

    Within less of a year, the Copperdam in Padaccia is constructed, supplying the Traccia Farmlands with ample water.

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  • 1687 AR


    Accident in Daylight Crystallamp Factory
    Disaster / Destruction

    Experiments with a flammable gas within Daylight Crystallamps turn catastrophically bad, leading to an explosion of a factory with several workers dead.

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