This dam build in Padaccia reroutes the Coppanias from its original trajectory from the Troll's Knuckles on south through the Old Coppania Lowlands towards the east-bound Traccia Farmlands. It is currently the most modern dam in the world and after its model further dams are constructed on the southern coast of Ethoressi.
The 1682 AR construction's original intent was to supply the farmlands with a good source of water to increase the yields of the farms. This became a necessity after the huge famine of 1675 AR caused the death of thousands of people in Ethoressi. It was constructed with the help of engineers from Baradolia.
The Dam is a multilayered construct of several layers of densely packed soil, mortared stone and metal sheets. In regular distances magically strengthened steel beams are vertically inserted for support. Its cross-section has a breadth of 70 meters and it is 10 meters high, with a steep slope away from the water and a softer slope towards the river. The top is flat and roughly 25 meters across, enough room for a pair of Transport Railways and a path for pedestrians. The full length of the dam is about 150 meters. As an homage to its name, originally derived from the river's name Coppanias, the Copperdam is adorned with copper plates on the river's far-side.


The most obvious and immediate consequence was proving the Traccia Farmlands with enough water to increase their farm's yields. This led to an upswing in agriculture in that region. The dam was also used as a testing ground for some newer construction technologies, educating engineers of Ethoressi about proper logistics in dam construction as taught by Baradolian engineers.
The construction of the dam and subsequent drying of the old riverbed made the construction of the Padaccian Windmills a necessity. The windmills are continuing to provide mechanical power to several operations within the town.
As a side-effect, the originally small town of Padaccia was divided into two parts. The old, walled off upper city housed the original population, engineers, and merchants while the newly created lower city became home for the workers needed in the project. Later most new industry would settle in this area as well.
With the discovery and presentation of the Daylight Crystallamp on the Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic, the large amount of Grinna Amber found in the lower city suddenly became of a huge interest for the local industry. This transformed Padaccia into the town it is today.
An unfortunate consequence of the dam's construction was the development of the Old Coppania Lowlands into the tainted andoisonous region it is today.

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