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Daylight Crystallamp

But my favorite place in this whole wide city is the garden at night. When I wander these paths, only illuminated by the soft glimmer of the Crystallamps, I always feel like a princess in a fairytale!
A Daylight Crystallamp is a manufactured light source, powered by a magically charged crystal. This crystal, made from Grinna Amber is able to absorb the energy of the daylight and shine moderately bright at night.
While the Grinna Amber alone only shines faintly and extinguishes after a few hours. To make it more feasible in the winter however, the construct of a Daylight Crystallamp has several components to it to increase the yield of glowing. The frame often contains a few magical gems as an additional light source for example. Furthermore, the more advanced lamps are filled with an otherwise inert gas, that acts as a catalyst for the glowing.
The Daylight Crystal lamp was originally introduced as a decorative gimmick during the third Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic in Zumaton in 1684AR. They were unexpectedly sought after and the subsequent orders for these lamps as well as the multinational collaboration on improving these lamps in their yield helped the town of Padaccia with their Padaccian Alchemical Conglomerate to grow immensly.
Be careful when using your Daylight Crystallamp
  • Please do not break, shatter, melt or transmute the glass casing.
  • Please do not try to infuse the central Amber with your own magic.
  • Please do not try to infuse, ignite or exchange the gas within the lamp.
  • Please take care when exchanging the external crystals. Avoid touching them with your eyes or teeth
  • Please do not use crystals of any type known to overheat, increase speed or increase the crystalline hardness of an element.
  • Please be aware that these lamps are not occupied by a Dschinn. Any conjuration will fail and might result in side effects for the Amber Core.
  • If you hear a hissing or whistling sound from the lamp, encase it in an airtight container and contact your local alchemist immediately.

Raw Materials and Components

The inner center of a Daylight Crystallamp contains a polished Grinna Amber block, encased with copper, silver or cobalt strains to hold it. These strains are also used as conductors of magical energy from magical crystals set in the outside frame towards the center. The alchemical scholars at the Padaccian Alchemical Conglomerate are furiously debating, what properties of the metal strains allow for a better translation of magical energy from the magical crystals to the Amber core. Most manufacturers, however, opt to use copper for its easier availability.
Around the center several sheets of crystal glass are held by metal encasings, completely closing off the crystal. Oddly enough, the originally proposed name Amber Lamp never caught on - instead, the lamps gained their name from the crystal outer hull, despite them being crystal glass having no actual impact on the functionality at all.
This encasement holds in some inert and usually colorless gas. There have been variants with other gases, some of them colorful to add a specific shine to the lamp, others flammable in the hopes of supplying an additional and cheaper fuel source for the lamp. This recently led to a great factory explosion in the outskirts of Padaccia and has been deemed to dangerous for now.

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