The Edorasheep are known for three things: They have a lot of wool, they have the finest wool you can find in all of The Ethorial Lands, and they are very, very dumb.   Don't get me wrong, almost everybody in the world loves these thick skulled little idiots. But they are so dumb, being around them actually makes you dumber over time. Once I saw a whole herd of those cute little dunces run out on the freezing cold pasture, completely forgetting that they have just been shorn and that it is very very cold.   A few years go there was this wizard, who was sure those sheep are not very dumb, but they just are able to see the world in a completely different way. So he came down and tried to study them. Turns out he was not wrong about that, the Edorasheep actually see the world completely in their own way, but that way is so insane, it drove the wizard mad.   We found him on the pasture early in the morning, bealting like the idiot he obviously was. We took care of him, but after a few days he just vanished into thin air, an absent grin on his face.   Those sheep are the very pinnacle of dumbness and it seems the wizard was able to channel this somehow. Completely insane.