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Apacreos is a medium-sized harbor town, set at the mouth of the Coppanias into the Ethorian Sea. It has no big significance as a military position, but is experience significant growth from the export of Grinna Amber, Cambovine products, such as meat and leather.
Apacreos is one of the first cities to have a daily journal, called the Gazetta Apacreas. It is in fact distributed in most towns along the Coppanias and is well known for its thoughtful discussion of current political trends. Critics claim the Gazette is exclusively run and funded by the town council of Apacreos and therefore impossibly biased.
Before the flooding of Ethoras, Apacreos was home to a hillside monastery. The ruins of this monastery are still existing just outside the main town. A local legend claims that this is the place, where Gorom the Enlightened and Canum Principas were judged by Apac and Sabes after the events of the Unfaithful Year.
During the years of 1612AR and 1621AR, the notorious killer Umberti The Thirty terrorized the town. While these events are still haunting some members of the town, these also draw some curious visitors into the region. The town council saw an opportunity to build some income and has started a regular event, showcasing the case, the work of the investigators of Apacen Plaza and the places of the crimes. The local church of Sabes is very unhappy with what they perceive as a glorification of violence.
The officials in Apacreos do worry about the construction of a mountain tunnel to Baradolia, opening up alternative trading routes to the west and making Apacreos more obsolete.
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