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Umberti The Thirty

The mysterious killer Umberti, the counting killer as the Gazetta Apacrea named him, held a frightening grip over Apacreos for almost a decade. In this time he sodomized and killed at least twenty two women, though a clear pattern suggest there being exactly thirty victims.
All the victims were young women in age of around 16 to 19 years. Many of them had run away from their parent's home, most of them were orphans, living on the streets of Apacreos during the economic crisis. They were discovered in many different places, mostly abandoned warehouses, workshops and even an old temple once.
Each time, the bodies were meticulously arranged as if they were meditating, their arms stretched out to welcome the arrivals. Each time the body would be decapitated and the head would remain hidden. Some heads have been found in the river or possibly as burned remains somewhere else.
What gave the killer his name however was the always present way of numbers. There would always be an item, that would be completely out of place and each time, the number would increase.
Although the investigators of the Apacen Plaza was intensively searching, the killer could never be found. All that ever could be linked to the killer was a mysterious note in a newspaper, taunting them "Umberti is waiting for number 14". Coincidently, victim number fourteen was presumably never found.
After his thirtieth victim, the killer suddenly stopped. The investigators could never explain why this happened. There were suggestions that later victims were just not found. Maybe he died for some reason. One junior adminstrator within the Apacen Plaza got infamous for his very own suggestion:
"Maybe he stopped, because, you know, 'Umberti the Thirty' has some kind of a nice ring to it."

The Counting Trinkets

  • One golden coin
  • Two colored glass marbles
  • Three Knives
  • (Victim #4 was never found)
  • Five glass lenses
  • Six black candles
  • Seven red jewels
  • Eight playing cards
  • (victims #9 and #10 were never found)
  • Eleven Pages (Torn out Tables of Contents)
  • Twelve iconographies
  • Thirteen silver rings
  • (victim #14 was never found)
  • Fifteen Bolts
  • Sixteen Dried Roses
  • (victim #17 was never found)
  • Eighteen engraved amulets
  • Nineteen diamonds
  • (victim #20 was never found)
  • Twenty-one Arrow Tips
  • Twenty-Two black stones
  • Twenty-Three Maps
  • Twenty-Four engraved leather bands
  • (victim #25 was never found)
  • Twenty-Six Knitted Dolls
  • Twenty-Seven Rabbit Skulls
  • (victim #28 was never found)
  • Twenty-Nine Reading Glasses
  • Thirty Stone Plates with a Zecod Symbol


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