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Summer Camp 2018

30 days, 30 prompts - 300 words each - $750+ In prizes!
Sun Jul 1st - Tue Jul 31st

All entries for...
Write about a villain in your world who changed history.
170 in total

The articles

Inquisitor Vos-Kryden

Talos Stonebeam

Jamys Windtaker

Wickt Red, the Desert Snake

Tasa Tae' Raugfathdaer

Vesperr Elnorin

Ervak Drerle

HME S0.001

Adelar "Teng Guanyu" Mayr

Ghm Salhiñ

Kasper Gray

Nisdir the Betrayer

Ulfric Haldursson

Empress Thaumaria

Hyacinth Fairview

Cyra, The Pyromancer

Captain Jeanne Bonningham

Acosa Sicain

Romanov Luff

Yis Thiot

Freskrafsa d'Skafrontse

Iselus Thelosus'rus

Varkesh the Glutton

Synclaire - The Fallen

Champion Andom the Researcher, Scourge of the Free.

Heor the Spear

STUB - The Darkling Queen

Unemorin the Cursed

Tyrant of Antiognes

Minty Dewlap

The Margrave

Eskandar Nerezan

Erian, the Black

Keldrin - Lord of the Unfallen

Fanyana, The lurking child

Yhieslew the Mecha Narwal

Elias de Haran

The Answer

Maira Taalin

Thorndyke Morales


Octanus Riel

Slave King Evanius

Shacklefist, the Pirate

Ymrir the Black

Tu'il Blade-Ear

Petros III

Dorakh Mul

Epike Falise Megaleos III

Lich lord Cyrx

The Tale of Tanza of Tristan (Caution: Bullying, and Alot of Violence)

General Dondor

The Immortal Empress Thava

Ajax, the Invincible

Gevurah Seat of Judgement


Alysia the Vile

DEVIL MACHINE, the Lost Scholar

Umberti The Thirty

Azak Ruya of Arkani


Emperor Dominic I

Gerion Drenn

Elysande Forde

Mouri the Visionary

Akara, the Whitefire Maiden

Betty Cottonpaws

Robertii Judas Mandrewii

Aestrin Qirienos

Nesalli of the Yuan-Ti

Glynda Fampir

Zhevrick Saruuva

Dhera Sangto

Ömys, the Threaded Prince

Delmore Gildenstern

Necrotaus, Herald of Chaos

Lamya Muot

Mirko Benesch

Mr. Perelli

The Exile King, the Mad Mutant

Herbert the Herbalist

Morgana LeFay

Emperor Veshir I

Janus Templar

Caliban Nero

Captain Stormbreath

Nebuchadnezzar III

Giridharan Kalravani

The Lady Fianoich

Lord Unchea, Prince of Relaxation

Herzog Egor

Brother Emmit Yain Cane

The Queen of Sorrows

The Spider

Aerleïn Hortafyr

Satoshi Hagakure

Rakalizzar, the World Scourge



Sergesto of Sanctuary

The two villains that changed history

Who on Stellaris is Scarlett Carolina?

Devil of the Mist

Herluin Cadwain

Worldbreaker (S16)

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