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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a villain in your world who changed history.
A total of 166 entries

Adelar "Teng Guanyu" Mayr

Captain Jeanne Bonningham

Freskrafsa d'Skafrontse

Champion Andom the Researcher, Scourge of the Free.

Fanyana, The lurking child

Yhieslew the Mecha Narwal

The Tale of Tanza of Tristan (Caution: Bullying, and Alot of Violence)

DEVIL MACHINE, the Lost Scholar

Akara, the Whitefire Maiden

Necrotaus, Herald of Chaos

Lord Unchea, Prince of Relaxation

Rakalizzar, the World Scourge

The two villains that changed history

Who on Stellaris is Scarlett Carolina?