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Darad Austen Payne

Darad, son of Elren used to be an Emtian knight of Duna (the God of this world) and best friends to King Truhan. But he soon grew bored and greedy and began a slave empire. He secretly built a network where children were kidnapped and sold as slaves to a nearby land (haven't yet developed information on that yet). One of the first unicorns, Myrsi found out about his shady dealings, and when she confronted him, he killed her.   A year later, Darad was set to be executed for his crimes. However, another unicorn, Nyltir, decided there was still a chance for Darad to change. The king banished Darad from Emtia on the condition that Nyltir go with him.   Over the next fifteen years unicorns began to vanish one by one without a trace, until none remained. It is believed that this is Darad's doing, but how he was able to escape from Nyltir is unknown. Or did he somehow corrupt the unicorn and use him to lead the other unicorns away?   At the start of the story, he returns to Emtia with an army that he has spent the last fifteen years building and with them he usurps the throne, killing whoever he can and banishing the rest. His daughter, who was raised by the king and queen as their own during Darad's banishment, flees the kingdom with her squire. Darad's goal is to not only keep his place as Emtia's ruler now, but to get his daughter back and turn her to his side.

Mental characteristics


He was trained as an Emtian knight of Duna.


Knight of Duna, but during his time as a knight he started a business as a slave trader.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Becoming one of the first Emtian knights with his best friend, Truhan.

Failures & Embarrassments

Although he did gain knighthood, Truhan was always better at anything they did together. Darad grew bitter when Truhan was chosen by Duna to be King.
Year of Birth
841 37 Years old
Blue, cold and hard
Short, dirty blond
175 lbs

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3 Jul, 2018 15:16

Nice and simple, just enough to explain the character and enough to whet the appetite.

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Constance Watson
3 Jul, 2018 15:33

Thank you! :)

3 Jul, 2018 15:18

I like the subplot (save the unicorns!)

Constance Watson
3 Jul, 2018 15:33

Oh finding the unicorns is definitely going to be one of the main focuses :)

3 Jul, 2018 15:21

I am very curious as to what actually happened with the unicorns! Leaves me wanting more, well done.

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Constance Watson
3 Jul, 2018 15:31

Hah, so am I! There's so much I haven't built yet. All I know is that Darad had something to do with their disapperance, but I don't yet know how.