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I've been a lifelong gamer of all platforms and all types. Through the years I've noticed the lack of work that includes people that look like me (black people). Thanks to World Anvil, I have the chance to develop a world that is Afrocentric in nature. Not the exclusion of anyone but for the inclusion of all.

Favorite Movies

All things Marvel, Desperado, Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless and sooo many others.

Favorite Games

Half Life, Grandia 2

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1 Aug, 2018 16:27

Where do you find all these beautiful drawings/pieces of art?! Do you make comissions? 'w'

3 Aug, 2018 00:43

A lot of google searching is how I find them. I'm a writer, not an artist! (I wish I was)

4 Oct, 2018 18:44

Hello! I know you said on my Soulrot article to use images. Is it really okay to just use images from Google? Are there any tips you have for crediting artists for their work or letting them know it's being used? I just want to make sure I'm doing things in a proper fashion.

17 Oct, 2018 20:08

Thanks for the follow ^-^

18 Oct, 2018 05:20

Thank you so much for the follow, Tikal :D!

27 Oct, 2018 11:42

Hio! I accidentally deleted your comment on the Giant's Meal. One click and it was gone, no backsies ^^° To answer your question: Yes, I made that recipe up and then cooked it myself. That is me making it in the video. I ate it after too, it was fantastic. And yeah, people sing the song while cooking it. It is, after all, a very special occasion. I mean the character I play in the cook video sings it, if you pay attention ^-^

4 Dec, 2018 02:52

Thanks for the fave to my story! <3

5 Dec, 2018 09:14

Thank you for following Morlea!

5 Dec, 2018 13:18

Thank you for following Istaria. I hope you enjoy exploring!

18 Dec, 2018 01:16

Thanks for the follow!

25 Dec, 2018 02:59

Thank you so much for the favorite on my page!

14 Jan, 2019 14:19

Thanks for another follow!

13 Mar, 2019 01:28

Hello! I recently found you through your 'beneath it all' article, and I absolutely loved! I'll definitely have to read more about the world. If you don't mind me asking, what are the things (fictional or otherwise) that help gives you the idea? Or at least, the spirits and raksha/demons?   Either way, have a wonderful day

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