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The 8th day of the 4th month in the year 878

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Lessaria is made up by three regions: Emtia, Raydon, and Tenlen. Each region has been created by one of the three gods of Lessaria, known as The Kamsi. They are Duna, Lina, and Xana, respectively.   My story, The Shard of Myrsi begins and focuses on the land of Emtia, though readers will get to experience some of Raydon and Tenlen as well.   For centuries, humans and unicorns lived peacefully with each other in Emtia. One evil man, Darad, committed the crimes of slavery and murder, killing one of the First Unicorns.   Darad was banished, and now fifteen years later every single unicorn has disappeared and Darad has returned with an army to invade and usurp the throne. Emtia is in chaos, and it's up to the princess, Sina, and her friend Arin, a knight, to find the unicorns, restore peace to Emtia, and save her people.