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Prequel: The Banishment of Darad

A prequel story to The Shard of Myrsi

Darad let his arms hang limp in front of him. “Are you at least allowed to tell me how I'm going to die?”   The golden unicorn glanced at Darad, keeping his head forward. “No.”   “Really, now. I'm going to find out eventually. You could at least prepare me.”   “No. The method of your just execution will be revealed soon enough."   Darad sighed. Just execution. He supposed they were right. He had tried to plead insanity on the basis that he’d been a victim of the Nightmare’s Death curse when he was fourteen. But it seemed that his old friend the King and the unicorns believed that he should still be responsible for his actions.



In this story, readers will learn a little more about Darad and the events that lead up to his banishment.


Darad has been sentenced to be executed for his crimes against the kingdom, but one of the unicorns still believes he can be redeemed. Should the sentence be carried out as planned, or should King Truhan grant mercy and banish Darad instead?

Rising Action

Darad's sentence is read out to the crowd, and the two unicorns that served as his counselors, Varyti and Nyltir, are asked if he has ever shown remorse or repented. Both say no, but Nyltir still believes there's a chance for Darad to be redeemed. Varyti and Truhan carry on with the execution as planned, but Nyltir steps in, wounding Truhan in the process.


After Nyltir's action, they discuss the possible ramifications of Darad being banished instead of executed. Can he really be redeemed? Or will his banishment lead to the loss of more innocent lives?

Falling Action

Nyltir strongly believes that, with his powers of persuasion, that he can eventually change Darad and help him to be a better person. Truhan struggles with this because although Nyltir's powers have proved useful in the past, he's been working one-on-one with Darad for the better part of the past year with no change. Will more time really make a difference? Or is Darad past hope?


Truhan agrees to the banishment, but Nyltir is to be banished with Darad. If he is not successful in leading Darad to repentance, Nyltir will be held accountable for any damage Darad causes, and any future judgment Darad faces, Nyltir will face as well.



The scene begins in Emtia's dungeon, located behind the castle deep within the Saniro Forest.

The Whole Story

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Nightmare's Death?

Nightmare's Death cover
  The opening vignette of the Nightmare's Death article shows us Darad at fourteen being ravaged by the nightmares of the curse sent by Xana to Emtia's young people every hundred years.

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17 Jul, 2018 18:40

Nice except at the beginning, really draws you in and makes me want to read more about his crimes and this curse. It does look like you stopped before finishing the falling action section.

Constance Watson
17 Jul, 2018 18:47

Oh dear, thanks for pointing that out, haha. I'll go fix that, lol.

Constance Watson
17 Jul, 2018 18:49

And fixed! Haha.

17 Jul, 2018 18:42

I like the Prologue. As a reader, I instantly feel let down by someone, which seems fitting. ^^

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
17 Jul, 2018 19:05

This is short and sweet, but it is evocative, and in that way I feel it's effective. Good job! :D.

Patrick Ryan Kennedy
Patrick Ryan Kennedy
17 Jul, 2018 19:05

A good introduction to snag readers into learning more about this. Both the world and the character. I'm not a fan of fantasy stuff personally, but I wish you the best anyways!