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Unicorns were the first creatures created by Duna when he created Emtia. They are sentient beings, and the first two, Varyti and Myrsi become the mother and father of all unicorns.   Duna later creates humans when he realizes that they will need help with certain tasks, like planting crops, building structures (for storage and shelter), and many other things that only hands can accomplish.

Basic Information


Built just like a horse, but with a long horn growing out of the forehead.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduction and gestation follow that of normal horses (around 11 months) , though a female unicorn with natural healing abilities may be able to speed their pregnancy along by a month or two. Unicorn foals are born with a star on their forehead where the horn will eventually grow. The color of the star determines what color their horn will be.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

It is believed in other kingdoms that if a someone were to possess a unicorn's horn, that individual would gain the same magical abilities that the unicorn had. Either that or they would be immortal - it depends on who you talk to. Thus far, as we know by the beginning of the story, only one unicorn has been killed, and pieces of her horn remain under protection at the castle in Emtia.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All unicorns have magical abilities, but they vary depending on the individual. Some have powers to heal, others have persuasion or mind reading powers (this is how Myrsi learn's about Darad Payne's slave trading.   Some unicorns have powers over mechanical things. For instance, Nyltir can unlock doors and bolts with his horn, and he and his father, Varyti, have been given the power to bind prisoners with magical shackles that can only be freed by the unicorn who set them.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Unicorns usually have just one name, but they're all unique enough to not cause confusion. Current names in use are Varyti, Myrsi, and Nyltir.

Major Organizations

The unicorns lived in Emtia alongside the humans there, and the Original Family ruled along with Truhan and his wife, Abigail.

Scientific Name
Cornu Unum
Unknown. By 862, only 1 unicorn had been killed. Even the First Unicorn was still alive while the unicorns were vanishing. If he is still alive, he's 878 years old.
Conservation Status
By the year 878, unicorns have vanished without a trace. No one knows where they are or even if they're still alive. This leaves Emtia much more open to corruption, disease, and attack.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They come in different colors from all spectrums. Gold, silver, pure white, or even colors of the rainbow like red, purple, and green. The possibilities are endless.

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3 Jul, 2018 19:53

Ooo! another person with sentient unicorns :D Also, love how each unicorn has different magical abilities :)

3 Jul, 2018 19:59

Sentient unicorns are the best! And yeah, I thought it would be boring if they all had the same abilities. I wanted to give my unicorns some variety. I still haven't even figured out the extent of the varieties, to be honest, so all of that is still a work in progress. Perhaps it'll come out as I continue writing the story.

3 Jul, 2018 19:54

Great article! You've got the premise of an in-depth look at Unicorns - I'm curious to know what has happened to them!

3 Jul, 2018 20:00

Thank you so much! I tried to give as much detail as possible for now, but there's still a lot more to learn about these beings. I'm also curious to know what's happened to them, haha!

3 Jul, 2018 20:11

Magical and intelligent unicorns? I liked the idea that having a horn could make you able to use magic. Surely one of the reasons why they vanished!

3 Jul, 2018 20:27

Well, that's what people from other kingdoms believe, but since only one person so far has killed a unicorn, it hasn't been proven yet. We'll see ;)

3 Jul, 2018 20:16

How many unicorns are there currently? Are there any well known or important unicorns out there aside from Varyti and Myrsi?

3 Jul, 2018 20:26

Not sure as to the current number of unicorns. Or rather, how many there were before they all disappeared. For the moment in my world-building I've only named Varyti, Myrsi, and their son, Nyltir. I hope to introduce more as they become important to the story :)