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Dragon's Bane

In the year 2155...

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Kernier. A continent created by and ruled over by the great Draconic Pantheon. For nearly two thousand years, Kernier and its people have grown and been shaped by the Dragon Gods, living in relative peace and harmony among each other. Across the lands, however, a new power begins to grow. To the west, the Kingdom of Sernia worships their new deity known only as The Creator while enslaving and killing the 'lesser races' of elves, dwarves, gnomes, and drakon. To the east, the once secluded Drakon have embarked on a campaign of conquest, invading Keliador, Antioch, and Krasi under the command of Lord Skyli Hesioni. The Dragon Gods find their power failing them as war envelops the mainland.


Shut out by the growing might of a new god, the Pantheon turns to the people of Kernier. The Dragon Gods are each seeking a champion - Someone worthy to wield their power and fight back against The Creator. Will you be one of them?