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The Consumed One

One of the most brilliant of the Makers, Tzarakh pioneered research into rapid genetic alteration, a project that would result in the development of the Rephaim Virus. That research produced violent mutants who slaughtered most of the engineers who created them. Despite the bloodshed, Tzarakh argued that banning his work would be a crime against science and would deny civilization the greatest achievements of history.   Exiled to the Upper Reaches for his negligence, Tzarakh apparently died when his ship's plasma coil ruptured. In fact, he had faked his death, and with help of shadowy allies, he escaped to an uncharted world near the Tyrva Gate. There he infected himself with the Rephaim Virus to gain powers beyond any the Vortex had ever seen.   Now as the Consumed One, Tzarakh emerged with his Rephaim horde to engulf the stars in the Rephaim War. After a ten year reign of terror upon the Vortex, he was vanquished in a desparate raid upon his stronghold.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Many historians agree that Tzarakh at the height of his power was among the (if not the most) powerful beings to ever exist within the Vortex.
  • Tzarakh's presence alone could both rally a horde of Rephaim into a genius military regiment, and shatter the psyche of his enemies. His force of will overwhelmed all but the most steadfast, causing them to perceive the world in red hues and shattering apart in front of their eyes.
  • The Consumed One could soar through the air, being carried by Airborne Strains of pure Virus; many described this ability as appearing similar to angelic wings.
  • In battle, Tzarakh would often conjure empowered Airborne Strains to use as weapons. These Strains would lethally damage the cellular structure of their target, and animate them as Rephaim immediately upon the victim's death.
700 BR 6 AR 706 years old
Orange optics
Character Prototype
He'd probably be voiced by Ron Perlman.

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