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Iselus Thelosus'rus

Written by Allarah

Azukenda Iselus Thelosus

Have you heard?

"You remember the night the Azukenda's husband was murdered right? Did you ever hear what they actually found in that house? Let me tell you, I have never seen anything that's frightened me more. When we got on scene, not even ten minutes after the call, the house was silent. We walked in quietly, fearing the worst, and found just a slew of bodies. It looked like the entire staff had taken a stand and was summarily wiped out. So we make our way past the poor bastards, not sure who the aggressors are among them. Takes us a while to finally get to the family's personal quarters, and when we get there the Azukenda is just standing in the middle of at least five dead assailants. Thelorin was covered with a sheet, I guess to respect his image, and Soralen was tucked under their bed. Iselus was drenched in blood with a huge gash in her lower stomach and just... just standing there, calm, quiet, and dignified as always. I found out later that she'd been pregnant and lost the baby, but at least she took their lives as payment. Honestly, the look in her eyes that night... I still have nightmares about it."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Iselus is a soul living in an ageless marble golem.

Body Features

Her body and hair are carefully carved from pristine white marble to very closely resemble her younger self. The marble statue stands around 10ft tall and extends that height to 12 ft with an elaborate headdress woven around two magnificent golden horns.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iselus is the eldest of three siblings who inherited the planet she built into Phaeus around the time she turned 200. She spent the better part of 400 years terraforming the planet to perfection and building it into the marvel we know today. She met her husband in the middle of her fifth century and finally settled down to have her first child at 700.
Twelve years after the birth of her son she got pregnant with her second child. She lost the baby in the massacre of her house just months after hearing the news. Iselus raised her son Soralen on her own, and when she grew old, she made the choice to bind her soul to a golem to make certain she could keep watch over him.
Since then nothing but sorrow has plagued her house. Many more assassination attempts were made on both her and her son, one resulting in the death of her daughter-in-law Isuna, her granddaughter was kidnapped at the tender age of 20, and her son murdered not three years ago. Currently she spends a majority of her time culling the recent uprising of Saza and looking for her lost grandchild.

Mental Trauma

Since the death of her husband, and the many subsequent attempts on her and her family's lives, she has become extremely mistrustful of the general populace. She refuses to see even the highest ranking officials in person, and hasn't been seen outside of her home in more than forty years.

Personality Characteristics


She wants to perfect the world she has built for the future generations of her family, help the heir get into a position where they can lead that planet without aid, and pass peacefully back into the embrace of the wheel.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Azukenda, Lady of Stone
Year of Birth
19582 1635 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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