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Written by Allarah


Phaeus is a large lush would tucked safely away in the depths of Haimarchy space. Though being one of the younger colonized planets, merely 1,500 years in the making, it bears one of the oldest names. Colonized now by the older and more sentimental of SoFaeo, Phaeus has been deemed a shining monument to what was lost to the Sazashi so long ago.


Major cities and trade hubs dot the planet's surface, while large manicured forests demand a majority of it. Within are groves of Ivorwood and other species of flora and fauna common to, what is now, Jhotai. All of it has been carefully modified to integrate with the planet's natural ecosystem, though the terraformation to accomplish this feat is rumored to have gone 70 years past the deadline, far exceeded the budget, and resulted in the world wide extinction of many species of native insect.

"Everything done was worth the cost, time, and sacrifice that went into reclaiming even just a whisper of our home. We have lived too long away from the jungle, its dangers, its air, and it's humbling presence. My grandmother shared with me her memories of walking through that jungle, and the pride that came with knowing your own strength to tame it. It is something I wish to share with my own children and grandchildren. And while I have yet to recreate the jungle of our home, I have grown a garden in it's honor."
— Azukenda Iselus Thelosus of Phaeus.

Certainly the forests are the planet's main attractions, but they far from outshine the metropolitan centers. Looking at design alone, there is nowhere that screams Faeo more than Osira, the City of Stone. Classic design meets modern to create towering halls and homes of white marble. Every business, school, and public area is built with the marble motif in mind, to the point where there is not a single building within the city that is crafted of a different substance.

"There is something about Osira that welcomes you from the moment you step foot on it's dark marbled walkways. It's bright, and clean, and feels like coming home."
— Darieus Chothl

Phaeus is designed from the smallest insect to the tallest tower to emulate that which was lost; and while it has been criticized for its sentimental nature and birth, there is no denying its charm.
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Johann Duarte
7 Aug, 2018 02:00

That's very interesting, a world shaped in memory of another one! The quotes also give deepness to the article. Good job.

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