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ValuSelu's Children


Written by Allarah

Speaking of history repeating itself...

The group calling themselves ValuSelu's Children has continued its recent crime spree, this time attacking the Azukenda herself. What started as raids on Sazashi homes and businesses has finally come full circle with the murder of Soralen Thelosus, the Azukenda's own blood. While the relationship between the two had always been strained, he was the only family she had left since the disappearance of Esraena Thelosus, Soralen's daughter. Many believed that Esraena's disappearance over forty years ago was the result of the attack on the family that took the life of her mother. There were obvious signs of a struggle, but the culprit was never found. Now, new evidence suggests that she was in fact taken hostage by a Sazashi. There has been no body found nor demands made on their part for compensation for her return. When we spoke to the Azukenda about these events and concerns, she had this to say,
"The murder of my son is unforgivable, and there will be blood to pay when the culprits are found. As for Esraena, it has been so long since I've seen her, but she will return to us soon. We can confirm now that is was a Sazashi that stole my granddaughter and took her off world, and while the investigation has taken this long, it has not been in vain. Esraena is alive and being held somewhere in Federation space. Once we capture the rebels responsible for murdering my son, we will finally know where. In the meantime, report any suspicious behavior, and keep a close eye on your Sazashi. A curfew will be implemented shortly to discourage further meetings for Sazashi and Feao alike. It may be an inconvenience, but this issue must be dealt with before any more mothers lose their children to this senseless brutality."
— Azukenda Iselus Thelosus
Many business owners have already filed complaints about the announcement of the curfew, but we all must trust in the leadership of our Azukenda. Even in this time of grief she is taking measures for the common people, and we should be thankful. Curfew will be put into effect beginning of next week to give businesses time to adjust. Anyone found outside after curfew will be taken in immediately for questioning.


No one is certain when the organization first started out, though they have become a major disturbance over the last forty years. There is much speculation about how the Sazashi turned on their caretakers, as many know the Sazashi on this planet are not Sophontic and do not harbor souls, so it wouldn't have been possible for a Saza alone to turn against us. It's likely that a Saza sympathiser decided to uplift the man in charge, though it is just as likely that the Verin is working as an advisor to him.
We could go over the various acts of terror committed over the last four decades, but all of you lived through our reports on those crimes varying from something as simple as grand theft auto, to something as chilling as murder. Despite all they've done, they've never given a reason for the chaos they've sewn, nor what they hope to accomplish.
"It is the burden of Sophinity that drives them to this chaos. They were uplifted to question their existence, and the answers they have found are born and bred in their unnaturally violent instincts. To the sympathisers uplifting these poor creatures, you are doing more harm than good. There is a reason we chose not to burden them with these questions and doubts; they were not ready to build answers themselves. Everything surrounding the ValuSelu Children should be more than enough evidence to support that they are not ready for Sophinity. Turn in your uplifted Sazashi, and you will be forgiven your mistakes."
— Azukenda Iselus Thelosus
The above is a press conference held last year that resulted in the capture and decommissioning of more than 200 uplifted Sazashi terrorists. We only hope that history repeats itself in this way and we can finally put an end to this violence. To all of you Verin who continue to support this terrorism in the shadows, please reconsider your actions. We simply wish to coexist peacefully once more. Is this chaos and bloodshed truly what you want?

Demography and Population

Sazashi and Verin sympathizers. Population: ~1,000

We have triumphed before, and we will again.

Illicit, Rebel
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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Really like all the different ways in which it pulls from the participants and the first person accounts. It was really neat.

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
28 Jul, 2018 20:17

Well put together article, the use of quotes is always something I enjoy. It gave the article some in-universe lore and helped break up the information dump. However, the whole article seems to be written i a conversational tone. Who is talking to us? Small thing: Is the sidebar supposed to be at the bottom?

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I like how this is written like a report in a newspaper or something alike. That gives a whole new and interesting perspective to whats happening.

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