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3 Aug, 2018 15:12

Thanks for the follow! I'm trying to give my followers options on what they want to see next, so if you're interested in partaking in that, here's a link for you! :D Patreon Votes!

3 Aug, 2018 17:18

Yeah, you're welcome! I'll take a peek!

19 Jul, 2018 21:21

Thank you so much for following my world, Kaleb ^-^ If you want to learn more about Aqualon, the Aqualon Discord is a great place to start: I share new articles there first, post daily 1-2 paragraph facts about the world, and am by now hosting a thriving creative lounge where other writers can share and discuss their work and talk about writing, and other creative work :3

20 Jul, 2018 10:30

Awesome, thank you! I appreciate it! Always cool to see how other people are doing things.


Hi! I'm working on my English degree with plans to pursue an MFA and eventual PhD, primarily in the areas of speculative fiction. I'm also a freelance writer and spend a significant time working in libraries. Working on compiling a multi-author shared world anthology as well as potentially a new verse retelling of King Arthur. I DM for 5e, Adventures in Middle Earth, and Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Casablanca, Captain America: Winter Soldier

Favorite Writers

Ray Radbury, Patrick Rothfuss, JRR Tolkien,

Favorite Games

D&D 5e, Keltia, Adventures in Middle-Earth, Edge of the Empire

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