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Kaleb Kramer | Member Since 4 Apr, 2018
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Hello! I have a master of letters in fantasy literature from the University of Glasgow with an academic focus primarily on the intersections of literature, theology, and religious phenomenology. As a writer, I have two short stories published in anthologies and a standalone adventure self-published on the DM's Guild for 5e D&D. My work lately has focused on short fiction that fall under the New Pulp umbrella (see the Centurion Club world for more worldbuilding), but I'm also developing a multi-author historic fantasy world (Laeonesse) and a dieselpunk space opera (Iron Horizons).

Interests & Hobbies

Rock climbing, yoga, backpacking, SCUBA diving

Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Casablanca, Captain America: Winter Soldier

Favorite Writers

Ray Radbury, JRR Tolkien, CJ Cherryh

Favorite Games

D&D 5e, Keltia, Adventures in Middle-Earth, Edge of the Empire


Latest Loved work


The Feudal Alliance System




The First Great Dynastic Shift

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