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Sazashi of Phaeus

Here We Go Again

Written by Allarah


Funny how history has the tendency to repeat itself. Here on this shining world monument to the height of the Haimarchy's past, reside a cadre of Sazashi servants. These Saza were hand selected as infants during the planets colonization. As forethought from the planet's founder, only Sheljt, Ka, and Ral-Mi children were selected, raised, and bred to serve. By manipulating their main driving force, their Ajkhe, they were shaped into the perfect guards, hunters, and construction workers.

Unlike the Saza of the past, these Saza were barred from all trace and ability to develop a culture of their own. Their culture was Verin culture, and their pride was the pride of their caretakers. To ensure this was the case, a very talented young meta engineer by the name of Thalenor Phaerdei created a small crystal that could be implanted in the base of the Saza's neck at a young age.

"The crystal itself isn't that amazing, but what's in the crystal is another story. Each houses a fairly basic Auric Manipulation spell that can be triggered by the user at any time. This spell is nothing more than a nudge really, that suggests that the behavior being exhibited goes against that Saza's Ajkhe. By now we've bred them to be so Akjhe centric, that any suggestion that they are failing it would come as a massive blow psychologically. They usually end up correcting the behavior themselves rather quickly. On the flipside, the user may also reward the Saza for good behavior, causing the spell suggest they are fulfilling that same Akjhe. This keeps them in check without any extreme measures, like claw amputation for instance, needing to be taken. Most don't even know they've had the crystal installed, and I believe they are happier for it."
— Thalenor Pharedei

Naming traditions

No family names are assigned to Saza as Saza are not permitted to have families. Most adopt a bastardization of their caretakers names to feel claimed and at home. Additionally Saza are not assigned a gendered name, though the naming conventions are very similar to that of Verin naming conventions, save that a Saza name may only be monosyllabic to cement their place in the society.


Saza men should be stoik, strong, and capable of following directions quickly and accurately. Saza women should be quiet, graceful, and skilled. Those that exhibit the best traits of their race will be chosen as breeders for the next generation of workers. Most desireable are those Saza who are tall with angular features and dark patterned fur. Anything beautiful about the Saza is simply for the caretakers enjoyment. When two Saza of ideal quality and aptitude are chosen, with the caretakers permission, to breed. They fulfil this duty quickly and return to their regular schedules. Should it fail, they will be called in to perform again until results are successful.


All Saza were taught Ubiq and Verin to best integrate with the culture and their caregivers. When a Saza is born they are given their monosyllabic name, when they come of age, their Phaerdei crystal is implanted and tested, and when they die, they are cremated and their ashes are spread to fertilize the forest. There are no codes among the Saza, though all value their place in Verin society. As such, every Saza knows that harming or disobeying the caretaker, their children, or their property, coming together in groups to socialize, or disrupting the peace will result in their removal from polite society. They perform all duties without argument or delay and they protect and serve.

Major organizations

The Verin Haimarchy
Related Organizations
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