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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?
A total of 216 entries

The Piratical Coven of Nolvas

Pirates of the Expant Sea

The cult to revive Nadia

Ligue de Sael'gorn | Sael'gorn's league

The Order of the Obsidian Hand

The Crew of the Blood Tear Fleet

Criminal Organization: Dawn of Drashna

"Reformists" Syndicalist Front

PARROT, Activity Division

Thieves Guild of the Small Dwarf Hills

About: The Intergalactic Committee

People of Earth Against Remote Lifeforms

_____Brotherhood of Bone (Unfinished)

The Raptor Raiders: Thieves from the Sky

Unió Internacional de Desinclinats

Oana the Hearth of the Halflings

GOT FISBEN, The Hunter Hunters

The Gardener Family Crime Syndicate

Lezviya Prizrachnoy Korolevy