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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?
A total of 217 entries

Die Assassinen der Bank

The Kozegard Syndicate

The Piratical Coven of Nolvas

A Murder of Crows

Carrion of the Lost

Inquisition of the Shadow god

The Brass Bears

Pirates of the Expant Sea

The Black-Throat Family

The cult to revive Nadia

Dragonfly deliveries

Kobayashi Zaibatsu

The Thieves' Consortium

Tyen, The River Scourge (R)(I)

Ligue de Sael'gorn | Sael'gorn's league

The Black Dragon

The Order of the Obsidian Hand

The Crew of the Blood Tear Fleet

Criminal Organization: Dawn of Drashna

ValuSelu's Children

Fenrockian Crimson Cult

Roseport Thieves Guild

Sarko's Party Pals

The Kthusian Scourge

"Reformists" Syndicalist Front

PARROT, Activity Division

Thieves Guild of the Small Dwarf Hills

VantageGround Assets

The Seaflame Pirates

The Government of Kot

The Fellshadow Fleet

About: The Intergalactic Committee

The Oathbreakers

People of Earth Against Remote Lifeforms

_____Brotherhood of Bone (Unfinished)

The Diamondback Clan

The Onyx Association

The Corpse-Walkers

Los Emisarios de Nampták

The Dissonant Choir

Thieves guild of Emeresia

The Clade of Operant Drama

The Cult of Chernabog

The Black Seagulls

The Torrent Syndicate

The Raptor Raiders: Thieves from the Sky

Unió Internacional de Desinclinats

Keepers of True Faith

The Pirate's Guild

The Okanese Resistance

The Crepsis Family

The Sisters of the Sea

Oana the Hearth of the Halflings

GOT FISBEN, The Hunter Hunters

The Mosattan Jackknives

The Gardener Family Crime Syndicate

The Pirate's Coven

The worshipers of blight

The Stormgarden Syndicate

Sanuliwani Liberation Front

The Dark Triumvirate

The Gold Claw Bandits

The Zaidali Familija

Listeners of Kimentar

Collegia of Veterans

The Dreamweavers

In With the Black Market

Lezviya Prizrachnoy Korolevy

The Outcasted Ones

The Pirates Tribunal

Walkers of the Deep

The Cult of the Black Sun

The House of Sorrows

The Ravenous Ravens