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Summer Camp 2018

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Sun Jul 1st - Tue Jul 31st

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Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?
219 in total

The articles

Los Caminantes

Die Assassinen der Bank

The Kozegard Syndicate

The Piratical Coven of Nolvas

A Murder of Crows

Carrion of the Lost

The Family

Inquisition of the Shadow god

Faceless Ones

The Brass Bears

Assassin Guild

Pirates of the Expant Sea

The Black-Throat Family

The cult to revive Nadia


Dragonfly deliveries

The Smiling Toms

Kobayashi Zaibatsu

The Thieves' Consortium

Iron Company

Aknin's Cleaver

The Tegamyu

The Red Stars

The Pyre Troupe

The Borrowers

The Pautai

Tyen, The River Scourge (R)(I)

The Dread Corps

Calumn's Ninjas

Ligue de Sael'gorn | Sael'gorn's league

The Black Dragon

Bone Raiders

The Bandits

The Owl's Eye

The Black Sun

The Order of the Obsidian Hand

The Broga Madds

The Zodiac

The Crew of the Blood Tear Fleet

Criminal Organization: Dawn of Drashna

ValuSelu's Children

Fenrockian Crimson Cult

Roseport Thieves Guild

The Wild Hunt

Orion Syndicate

The Tengu Clan

Thieves Guild

Sarko's Party Pals

Glamour's Network

The Kthusian Scourge

The Four Horsemen

The Heptarchy

"Reformists" Syndicalist Front

PARROT, Activity Division

Thieves Guild of the Small Dwarf Hills

The Iron Ring

The Coinlords

VantageGround Assets

The Ektaveh

The Seaflame Pirates

Carta di Sistina

The Government of Kot

White Wolf Society

The Fellshadow Fleet

About: The Intergalactic Committee

The Oathbreakers

Cult of Tempester

The Underlanders

The Fallen Authority

People of Earth Against Remote Lifeforms

Bloodsand Syndicate

Dark Embers

_____Brotherhood of Bone (Unfinished)

The Diamondback Clan

Pat's Rotters

The Onyx Association

The Corpse-Walkers

Omrai Omvalis

Los Emisarios de Nampták

The Kingdom Come

The Dissonant Choir

Shadow Harvesters

Sect of Nuada

The Driftworms

The Black Hand

Thieves guild of Emeresia

The Clade of Operant Drama

Silver Division

The Cult of Chernabog

The Stormlords

The Black Seagulls

The Torrent Syndicate

The Silverlight

The Secret Police

The Broken Cog

Feuille Ombrée

Dawn of the Fallen Star

Ziob's Faithful

The Raptor Raiders: Thieves from the Sky

Samarno Family

The Ring of Death

Unió Internacional de Desinclinats

The Brotherhood

Keepers of True Faith

Red Rock Crew

The Pirate's Guild

The Okanese Resistance

Ouroboros Sun

Black Thorn Society

The Crepsis Family

The Sisters of the Sea

Heaven's Fall

Oana the Hearth of the Halflings

Free Earth Army


Stygian Order

Black Hoods

The Black Squadron

The Blood Hand Gang


The Brotherhood

Red Hawk Corsairs

The Illusionists

Islandwrecker Fleet

The Masquerade

The Silver Eye

GOT FISBEN, The Hunter Hunters

Magical Blackmarket

The Mosattan Jackknives

The Gardener Family Crime Syndicate

Thirty-Nine Wolves

The Syndicate

The Zhentarim

The Pirate's Coven

The Cut-Throats

The worshipers of blight

Venan Family

Blood Hawks

The Stormgarden Syndicate


Hand of Shadow

Corsair Accord

The Hooded Eye

Alcamo Family

Sanuliwani Liberation Front

Die Moorläufer

The Dark Triumvirate

The Gold Claw Bandits

Knights of Valor

The Zaidali Familija

The Blood Pearls

Free Isle Pirates

Sky Heist Crew

Listeners of Kimentar

Collegia of Veterans

The Dreamweavers

Honorable Ones

Cult Ageradim

In With the Black Market

Berit-Notur Cult

Lezviya Prizrachnoy Korolevy

The Outcasted Ones

Fallen Angels

The Eld Group

The Wishbound

The Exiled

The Pirates Tribunal

The Dragons of Tolona

The Red Thread


Walkers of the Deep

The Cult of Mab

The Cult of the Black Sun

The Red Stars

Phantom's Hand

The Raiders

The Nightfog

The Chaos One's

The House of Sorrows

The Raven Kings

League of Darkness

The Ravenous Ravens

The Society

The Crown

The Guild

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