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They were born and raised by these lands. And so they believe them to be their natural right...A right they will fight, and die, for, no matter what blood spills upon the earth.


The Evergreens' royal government has deduced that the Ol-Teressi have an elite circle which leads the terrorist group's operations, though their identities have yet to be discovered. Furthermore, the Ol-Teressi operates through small groups of trained guerilla fighters.

Public Agenda

The Ol-Teressi champion the rights of all wood elves in the Kingdom of the Evergreens and beyond. The group seeks to reclaim all the lands that once belonged to the ancient wood elven tribes before the high-elf Xolara appropriated those territories in the waning years of the Building Times. Furthermore, they intend to dismantle the high-elf dominated institutions which have warped and damaged the Evergreens' natural lands.


Activists and fringe groups championing for wood-elven rights had been a staple of the Evergreens political culture since the reign of Queen Xolara Ke an Eri's son, King Xandor, which lasted from 1000 KT to 2431 KT. In 32018 KT, King Xereael Ke an Eri promised to reduce the royal government's presence in the southwestern parts of the Evergreens. The Sovereign had intended for the gesture to repair the relations between the Evergreens and its wood-elven citizens. Instead, radicals saw the act as a show of weakness and took the opportunity to escalate the situation. Radical extremists (as the royal government had labeled them) used King Xereael's relinquishment of political power as a platform to create the Ol-Teressi. The group revealed its existence in 32023 KT with a string of attacks on several high-elven dominated towns in the southwest. The Ol-Teressi maintained their belligerence towards the Kingdom of the Evergreens and high elves; typically, they conduct their attacks every few decades, though longer gaps between their attacks have led to more severe actions. Due to the dense forests and the finicky nature of travel in the Evergreens, the Ol-Teressi has continuously evaded capture by the royal government for centuries. In 32318, the Kingdom of the Evergreens declared official bounties for information on the terrorist organization and capture of any key members. By 32885 KT, the Ol-Teressi were conducting their terrorist operations in the southwest and northeast regions of the kingdom.

"Ei'ru a sylav!"

Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
Raccoon Pack
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Related Ethnicities

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