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The Feylands

"A land seemingly born of pure imagination. In one glade, one may see the most wondrous collection of creatures, of fey and beasts, in colors across the spectrum. Then, from the shadows, lurks monsters of disfigured forms, maws wide, perhaps with razor-sharp grins. Where dreams and nightmares clash...But the truth is, no matter its beauty, no matter the horror, the Feylands are friends to no one. Its truth is but to itself."

Bordering the immediate east of Varia lies the continent of the Feylands. Wrapped in mystic, the continent evokes the imagery and atmosphere of the realms of the Fey, which parallel the material plane in the wider cosmology. Magic, arguably more so than anywhere else in zentrem, has warped the Feylands' features to more closely resemble realms beyond: lands tinted with colors beyond the spectrum, fauna and beasts shaped by the wildest of imaginations, and a constant enchantment that makes traversing its lands a risk to foreigners. Yet, the Feylands serve as the first originator of Zentrem's elves and gnomes, and is home to other creatures boasting similar fey ancestry, from dryads and pixies to hags.


The Feyland is a massive, near fractal continent with island-like sections which remain connected by narrow strips of land. Its interior has numerous bodies of water from landlocked lakes and seas with rivers connecting to the surrounding oceans.   The farther away one gets from Varia, the stranger the terrain appears by the standard of the rest of the world. The continent contains multiple biomes, some of which should not conceivably exist within the vicinity of the other. Continuous woodlands broken up only occasionally by swathes of flat terrain or grasslands constitute the westmost regions. Warped deserts constitute the northern areas of the Feylands with tundras touching it to the east. The entire eastern coast appears like a continuous mountain range with a spectrum of colorful lights ever-glowing throughout the immediate sky above their peaks.

Fauna & Flora

The Feylands contains a massive assortment of creatures. Of the more advanced species, humanoids like elves, gnomes, and, supposedly, eladrin. Creatures of purer fey ancestry can also be found within the continent, such as dryads, pixies, and sprites. However, just as prolific, the Feylands serve as a home to more monstrous creatures as well. Beyond that, the various terrains do see the inhabitance of regular beasts; though a vast majority have more than likely been touched, if not warped, by the magics of the Feylands.   However, in comparison, purportedly all fauna within the Feylands are infused with magical energy, warping them into a more fantastical version of their normal selves. Exceptions to this occurrence may be found in areas rendered more mundane, by comparison, as a result of intelligent races employing the use of wards and other magic to better tether their lands to the material plane.
Major Regions
The Evergreens
The Gloommire
The Cascades
The Dustdoms
The Gustpeaks
The Obsidian Glades
The Grimwilds
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